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Ericsson Released Two AI-Based Network Services

Ericsson Released Two AI-Based Network Services

Ericsson Network Services

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) on 13 February released new AI-based network services: Network Intelligence and Omni Network Channel. The offerings are a part of Ericsson’s Network Services to assist network providers in delivering superior customer experience. To retain customers, network providers strive to avoid downtime of networks. However, due to various challenges, they often witness the absence of services. To address such problems, Ericsson has now come up with AI-based solutions to predict the potential flaws and fix them immediately, thereby avoiding downtime.

The idea is to be proactive and identify the issues and resolve before they impact network performance. This enables companies to offer stable connections around the clock. According to Ericsson research, Network Intelligence decreases critical incidents by up to 35% due to the deployment of the ML-based solution that automatically resolves issues within an average of five minutes.

In addition, its Omni Network Channel – a unified digital workspace – for interaction between the communications service provider and Ericsson helps in smooth collaboration for solving issues. This, in turn, helps in maintaining network performance and consumer satisfaction by quickly resolving challenges. “Our core value is ‘Technology-enhanced by people’ where our prime assets are technology, framework, and people,” said Roger O’ Hargan.

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Today, with the rise in 5G, virtualisation, open standards, and network slicing, the service providers are witnessing the rise in network problems. Consequently, it is essential to leverage technology to expedite the process of resolving it. With Ericsson Network Services, companies can achieve advanced data-driven analytics that can unlock insights and assist them in understanding network data, as well as predict and preempt faults instead of reactively troubleshooting them. With these AI-based solutions, organisations can deliver effective network quality, fast execution, and secure network. Data-driven operations are essential for network providers to corner the market and grow there business in the competitive market. 

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