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ETHICA, An AI Framework By Wipro Might Soon Be Available To Its Clients

ETHICA, An AI Framework By Wipro Might Soon Be Available To Its Clients

Reports suggest that Wipro might offer its artificial intelligence framework, ETHICA to clients as a part of their new strategy to revamp digital tech-based solutions under the leadership of the newly appointed CEO, Thierry Delaporte. 

Wipro appointed Delaporte as the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the company, effective from July 6, 2020. He was the Chief Operating Officer of Capgemini Group and a member of its Group Executive Board, prior to this. 

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Wipro had shared in a report that ETHICA is essentially a part of HOLMES and stands for Explainability, Transparency, Human-first, Interpretability, Common sense, and Auditability. It was developed to help companies ensure that their consumer-facing solutions are transparent, ethical and unbiased. 

ETHICA works on removing any potential bias from algorithms. For instance, banks can use it to eliminate bias while processing loan applications. It does so by masking irrelevant data and use relevant factors such as purchase and payment history. 

The company is now looking to make it available for clients bundled with other services. Developed almost two years ago, it is a part of HOLMES, which is Wipro’s AI platform that helps enterprises automate processes, redefine operations and reimagine their customer journeys.

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The step comes as the demand for AI and automation is stronger than ever before, and the company is looking to push its digital capabilities under the leadership of Delaporte, who has proven experience of driving transformation and managing technological disruption. 

“Combining the strengths of HOLMES and CTO teams we not only created this most practical and comprehensive ethical AI framework, but we also filed some very interesting hybrid AI algorithms-based patents on the first E of ETHICA- Explainable AI,” said Dr Tapati Bandopadhyay, on a LinkedIn post

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