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Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS): The All In One Cloud Model

Everything-as-a-Service, or XaaS, is an amalgamation of several products, tools and abilities that are deliverable to the user as a service. XaaS delivers services over the cloud instead of on-site software implementations, which gives businesses more flexibility as the servers are housed in a warehouse, or sometimes, locally. 

Cloud deployment is a well-known term in the Information Technology market, and so are its different implementations. The various ways a cloud platform service can be hosted and used provides us with a huge canvas to manage solutions depending upon one’s needs for the particular service. Every cloud service deployment mostly operates on the same principle of virtualising the computing power of servers into specific services that provide processing and storage capabilities to data and software-driven applications. Recently, the idea of a new service, known as Everything-as-a-Service, or XaaS for short, is being increasingly talked about in the IT sector. XaaS describes that anything can now be a service with the help of cloud computing and remote management. 

What Is Everything-as-a-Service?

Everything-as-a-Service, or XaaS, is an amalgamation of several products, tools and abilities that are deliverable to the user as a service. XaaS delivers services over the cloud instead of on-site software implementations, which gives businesses more flexibility as the servers are housed in a warehouse, or sometimes, locally. Making use of cloud computing to deliver their services, companies can readily serve millions of customers worldwide. In a XaaS model, products are typically deployed on online platforms available for its users at login. Easy-to-use workspaces can be accessed through the browser, and with every change made or data downloaded, the browser sends a request to the hosted platform. A XaaS platform eliminates the worries of upgrading and extending hardware or web services. Instead of building everything in-house, organisations can rather purchase XaaS product licenses for an extended period at low costs and take advantage of it. XaaS provides Sandboxes, Security, APIs, Analytics and much more, all on a single platform. 


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How is XaaS rising?

XaaS model’s products and services, when combined with exciting business innovations, enhance the relationship between customer and organisation that not only increases revenue but builds loyalty through satisfaction. The global cloud computing market size is expected to reach $832.1 billion by 2025. XaaS is becoming increasingly popular due to its sheer ability to boost business agility and reduce costs to improve workforce efficiency. The cutting edge technologies that can easily be deployed accelerate innovation and get products into the market faster. XaaS has helped businesses create models that changed the way of selling to customers, giving them a competitive advantage. Through Intelligent Edge and Hybrid services, XaaS leverages the space for emerging technologies. A recent survey on XaaS reported that the COVID-19 pandemic only further increased the use of XaaS, helping businesses create modern solutions to survive the new normal. Besides this, easy and cheap access to high bandwidth internet has also promoted XaaS growth. It will serve as fuel for future growth and foster deep engagement with customers in the coming years. 

XaaS and Cloud Security

XaaS providers have readily been focusing on security issues and proactively working towards their solutions. Inculcating features that reinforce cloud security for XaaS helps protect users, the sensitive data being processed and transferred and the business systems. One of the biggest challenges of security on XaaS is user practices. The increasing need to protect customers from their own mistakes calls for more intelligent services to be combined with XaaS. These issues are being actively tackled through email alerts about the vulnerabilities created by user’s mistakes and flagging alerts by using machine learning. As security measures become tighter and providers learn what methods attackers are using to compromise or alter data, new XaaS cloud computing services are on the rise. 

Benefits of XaaS 

There are several benefits of XaaS, some of which include:

  • With XaaS, businesses can cut costs by purchasing services from providers on a subscription basis with a pay-as-you-go ideology. With this, capital expenses have now become operating expenses.
  • Through multitenant approaches, the XaaS services can provide the required flexibility over the cloud. The use of methods such as resource pooling and rapid elasticity can aid businesses in simply adding or removing services and gaining access to new technology, scaling the infrastructure automatically when they need innovative resources to be used. 
  • Shifting to the XaaS delivery model helps streamline services and operations to free up further resources for innovation. XaaS also eases the digital transformation of previous services to become more agile. It increases reach and aids more users in accessing net-gen technology and generalising innovation.

Disadvantages of XaaS 

Like every technology, XaaS too, has certain drawbacks; some of them are as follows:

  • XaaS being completely reliant on the internet to access services can create issues related to resilience and management issues of its resources whenever faced with a downtime break in the internet service.
  • Due to the increasing number of XaaS users, latency and retrieval times can be an issue. If a large number of customers use the same resources, virtual environments might slow down.
  • Troubleshooting errors related to softwares might be hard for some users. The staff needs to stay up-to-date with the operations and usage. 

Some Unconventional Services in XaaS

There are several types of XaaS that are different from the usual and used by millions of users worldwide. Some of the popular ones are :


DaaS, or desktop-as-a-service, enables users to manage their whole workforce within the organisation over a secure web browser. This service provides the ability for employees to access required files, softwares and program tools easily and remotely. DaaS is replacing the need for businesses to build and provide custom and localised desktop systems. Citrix is a company that provides DaaS and a platform that enables remote work through a digital employee workspace. Users can easily create micro apps and simplify hybrid cloud app delivery. 


In CaaS, several software code components are packed together in the form of “containers” and can be read and run anywhere and executed whenever needed. Containers to store code can be purchased through CaaS provider companies. Portainer is one of the leading companies that provides Container-as-a-Service and enables users to configure management and security of environments such as Docker and Kubernetes.


AaaS helps businesses to provide users with the ability to implement access control over their platform. This solution gives organisations the power to control who can use a particular product across their devices and networks. Duo Security is a modern access security service that ensures secure control and monitoring of threats natively over every application. With authentication services that are flexible and user friendly, Duo is easy to manage and use. 

Summing Up 

Overall, XaaS provides users with a huge spectrum of implementations and use cases while being reliable and secure. Scalability is what makes XaaS stand out among other services. These services are becoming popular each day and do not seem to slow down any time soon. Understanding the infrastructures and support provided by XaaS can help one decide whether using so will aid their businesses or not. 

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