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Facebook AI Residency Program 2021 Is Now Open

Facebook AI Residency Program 2021 Is Now Open

  • Applications are open for Facebook Artificial Intelligence (AI) Residency Program 2021.
Facebook AI Residency Program 2021 Is Now Open

Facebook AI has recently announced that applications are now open for its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Residency Program, till 31st January 2021. This one-year research training position has been designed to give candidates hands-on experience with artificial intelligence research while working in Facebook AI.

Detailing the program stated that the chosen candidate is supposed to pick a research problem and then devise new deep learning techniques to solve it. The AI Residency Program will pair the candidates with an AI researcher and an engineer for getting guidance and assistance for the chosen project.

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“We also encourage collaborations beyond the assigned mentors,” stated the blog. “The research will further be communicated to the academic community by submitting papers to top academic venues such as NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR, CVPR, ICCV, ACL, EMNLP, etc., as well as open-source code releases and/or product impact.”

The AI Residency Program has been carefully crafted to kickstart a career in this particular field. Thus, this full-time program cannot be undertaken in conjunction with a university study or a full-time job.

Facebook AI is inviting candidates who have a strong technical background and are passionate about AI research. Applicants with prior experience in machine learning are preferred, but “we also encourage people from a diverse range of backgrounds, such as math, physics, finance, economics, linguistics, computational social science, neuroscience, and bioinformatics, to apply,” stated the blog. The residents will be paid a competitive salary.

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Some of the key responsibilities of the candidates will be — 

  • Learning to perform research in deep learning and AI.
  • Understanding prior work and existing literature.
  • Working with mentors to identify problems of interest to develop novel AI techniques.
  • Translating ideas into practical code, in frameworks such as PyTorch.
  • Writing up research results in the form of an academic paper or open-source projects.

Minimum qualifications required — 

  • Experience in programming languages such as Python or C/C++.
  • Understanding of learning platforms like PyTorch, Caffe, Theano, and TensorFlow.
  • Candidates require work authorisation in the country of employment at the time of hire.

With this AI Residency Program, all residents are expected to work on-site from a Facebook office during their residency. Upon completing the AI Residency Program, the candidates can either apply to top graduate programs in machine learning or prepare to begin a successful career in this field. Exceptional performers will be welcomed to interview for full-time positions at Facebook.

To apply for this AI Residency Program, applicants need to fill up an online application that includes submitting an updated resume, with the necessary links to LinkedIn, Github, online portfolio, etc. The candidates will also be asked to submit a personal statement along with academic transcripts. The new residents for this AI program will start in August 2021.

Learn more about the AI Residency Program here.

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