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Facebook Introduces New Visual Analytics Tool VizSeq, Here Are 5 More That You Can Explore

Facebook Introduces New Visual Analytics Tool VizSeq, Here Are 5 More That You Can Explore

Researchers at Facebook AI Research and Stanford recently introduced VizSeq, a visual analysis toolkit which can be used for text generation. This toolkit is used for instance-level and corpus-level system evaluation on a wide variety of text generation tasks.

VizSeq has built-in support for multiple sources and references and can cover a wide range of text generation tasks and datasets. It supports multimodal sources and multiple text references, providing visualisation in Jupyter notebook or a web app interface and can be used locally or deployed onto public servers for centralised data hosting and benchmarking.

There are many visual analytics tools in the market developed by big and small companies which are helping enterprises make their data informative. Here are the top 5 ones: 

(The list is in alphabetical order)

1| AWS Quicksight 

Amazon QuickSight is a fast, cloud-powered business intelligence service which makes it easy to deliver insights to everyone in an organisation. It is a fully-managed service which lets an analyst easily create and publish interactive dashboards which include machine learning insights. 

This utility tool in Amazon Web Services (AWS) is powered by super-fast, parallel, in-memory calculation engine (SPICE) and helps create visualisations of data and design interactive dashboards for an insightful analysis. It hinges on a ‘pay-per-session’ pricing for cost-effective user access, embeds self-service data analytics to save time and money on development and maintenance, easily integrates with the cloud and on-premises data sources including native integration to AWS services. 

2| Cognos BI

Cognos BI is a web-based integrated business intelligence suite by IBM which provides a wide range of functionality to understand the organisation’s data. It is a fast and efficient technique to deliver multidimensional business intelligence data.

IBM Cognos BI can be used to view or create business reports, analyse data, and monitor events and metrics in order to make effective business decisions. It helps understand, monitor and manage business performance which includes business reporting & analysis, profitability measurement, budgeting, forecasting optimization, and cost management. 

3| Looker

Looker is a web-based business intelligence platform for analysing data. This tool has the power of SQL to create a powerful data analytics platform which helps the companies to extract real value from the data. One can choose from an expansive c\visualisation library with unlimited customised options such as funnel, maps, timeline, donut multiples, sankey, treemap and much more. 

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4| Power BI

Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors which work together to turn the unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. This data visualisation and business intelligence tool is developed by Microsoft and consists of a Windows desktop application called Power BI Desktop, an online SaaS (Software as a Service) service called the Power BI service and Power BI mobile apps for Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

5| Tableau

Though Tableau does not fall under the specific category of developed by the tech giants yet this tool is worth mentioning. This visualisation tool has gained much popularity within a short span of time. 

Tableau provides to get fast actionable insights with the help of live visual analytics. One can connect to data on-premise or in the cloud, whether it’s big data, a SQL database, a spreadsheet, or cloud apps like Google Analytics and Salesforce. One can make the point with trend analyses, regressions, and correlations for tried and true statistical understanding and quickly build powerful calculations from existing data, drag and drop reference lines and forecasts, and review statistical summaries and much more.

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