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Facebook Launches PyTorch 1.0 With Integrations For Google Cloud

Facebook Launches PyTorch 1.0 With Integrations For Google Cloud

Prajakta Hebbar
pytorch 1.0

pytorch 1.0

Working on their earlier vision of making development in artificial intelligence faster and more interoperable, Facebook on Tuesday announced their first-ever PyTorch Developer Conference, where they introduced updates about the growing ecosystem of software, hardware, and education partners that are deepening their investment in PyTorch.

According to a report, an unspecified number of engineers are collaborating to make the open source machine learning PyTorch framework by the social media giant work with Google’s Tensor Processing Units (TPUs). This collaboration is also reportedly one of the rare instances where these tech giants are working together on a project.

Rajen Sheth, director of product management at Google Cloud said in a blog post, “Today, we’re pleased to announce that engineers on Google’s TPU team are actively collaborating with core PyTorch developers to connect PyTorch to Cloud TPUs. The long-term goal is to enable everyone to enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of PyTorch while benefiting from the performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency of Cloud TPUs.


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Joseph Spisak, product manager for artificial intelligence at Facebook, said in a separate blog post, “PyTorch 1.0 accelerates the workflow involved in taking breakthrough research in artificial intelligence to production deployment. With deeper cloud service support from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, and tighter integration with technology providers ARM, Intel, IBM, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm, developers can more easily take advantage of PyTorch’s ecosystem of compatible software, hardware, and developer tools. The more software and hardware that is compatible with PyTorch 1.0, the easier it will be for AI developers to quickly build, train, and deploy state-of-the-art deep learning models.”

Facebook recently did a massive organisational reshuffle by appointing Jerome Pesenti, former CEO of Benevolent AI, as the vice president of their AI division. Pesenti is also overseeing FAIR, Facebook’s Applied Machine Learning group. However, he did not replace Yann LeCun as the Director of FAIR.

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