Financial Risk Prediction: Weekend Hackathon #5

MachineHack is back with the 5th instalment of the popular weekend hackathon series, and this time we challenge data scientists to predict the financial risk within an organization in MachineHack’s Financial Risk Prediction: Weekend Hackathon #5.

The challenge will start on May 15th Friday at 6 pm IST.

Problem Statement & Description

For any organization, even the slightest chance of a financial risk can not be ignored or ruled out. Organizations conduct regular inspections on their expenditures and revenue to make sure that they do not fall below the critical limit. In this hackathon, you as a data scientist must use the given data to predict whether an organization is under a possible financial risk or not.

Given are 7 distinguishing factors that can provide insight into whether an organization may face a financial risk or not. Your objective as a data scientist is to build a machine learning model that can predict if an organization will fall under the risk using the given features.

Data Description

The unzipped folder will have the following files.

  • Train.csv – 543 observations.
  • Test.csv – 233 observations.
  • Sample Submission – Sample format for the submission.

Target Variable: IsUnderRisk

The datasets will be made available for download on May 15th, Friday at 6 pm IST

Below are the file formats for the provided data




The submission must contain the probabilities of the target classes in this case, 0 and 1.


The top 3 competitors will receive a cool AIM goodie bag and a free pass to the plugin.

Plugin, India’s largest virtual conference on AI, is a next-gen disruptive conference that brings AI professionals from around the world together in a virtual setting.

Know more about the plugin here.


  1. One account per participant. Submissions from multiple accounts will lead to disqualification
  2. The submission limit for the hackathon is 10 per day after which the submission will not be evaluated
  3. All registered participants are eligible to participate in the hackathon
  4. This competition counts towards your overall ranking points
  5. You will not be able to submit once you click the “Complete Hackathon” button. You may ignore this feature
  6. We ask that you respect the spirit of the competition and do not cheat
  7. This hackathon will expire on 18th May, Monday at 7 am IST


The leaderboard is evaluated using log_loss for the participant’s submission.

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