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India Witnesses First Ever Artificial Intelligence Art Show

India Witnesses First Ever Artificial Intelligence Art Show

ai artwork
ai artwork
Untitled artwork by Anna Rider from the series ‘Fall of House of Usher’. (Image credit: Nature Morte Gallery)

All of us look at technology as an accessory to conduct our jobs better, making it a ladder to efficiency. With advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, we think we are on our way to giving up our mundane, repetitive tasks to focus on the creative side. But looks like AI is entering the realm of art too — something which was believed exclusive to humans and emotions.

New Delhi’s Nature Morte art gallery has now opened its doors to India’s first AI art exhibition.

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Curated by 64/1, an art curation and research collective founded by artist Raghava KK and economist Dr Karthik Kalyanaraman, Gradient Descent, explores the intersection between artificial intelligence and contemporary art. The exhibition brings together artists who address how contemporary art can create a dynamic human-machine relationship and provides a vision of what art could be in the post-human age.

The show brings together seven pioneering artists from the US, Japan, Germany, Turkey, India, UK and New Zealand with experiences from a variety of academic institutions including, IIT, MIT, Oxford, Harvard, Chicago Art Institute, MIT Media Lab, University College London, Royal College of Art, University of Arts London and University of Tokyo.

All of them have used AI to produce their pieces. Reportedly priced between $500 and $30,000, the artworks, as well as their algorithms, are now on sale.

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How can we reimagine creativity, human purpose, and society in this future world using artificial intelligence?

The artists featured in this exhibition have worked with this theme chiefly. The collective has tried to say that creativity and human labour need not be replaced by machines, but can reinvent and evolve further with the rise of new technology, allowing AI to become a collaborator.

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