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Fitbit plans to revamp its smartwatch segment with the latest acquisitions

Fitbit plans to revamp its smartwatch segment with the latest acquisitions

James Park, the Co-founder and chief executive Officer of Fitbit

Fitbit has finally shared some details about its next biggest offering, through which it plans to revamp its wearables line of products. This decision follows the recent acquisition of smartwatch manufacturers: Pebble and Vector. James Park, CEO, Fitbit, commented earlier “We believe we are uniquely positioned to succeed in delivering what consumers are looking for in a smartwatch: stylish, well-designed devices that combine the right general purpose functionality with a focus on health and fitness.”

The smartwatch is expected to include a precise GPS tracker, one present in most high-end Fitbit wearables. The smartwatch focus on providing better endurance, rather than integrating features like an LTE radio. Besides, it will feature a new array of biometric sensors.

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The smartwatch shall be waterproof; the aluminum unibody and screen are flush with the strap. The watch body is expected to be launched in two colors, grey and gold. Besides, the textured straps will come in black, muted blue, and other several colors, possibly.

The company now employs leading minds who helped shape the Pebble smartwatch ecosystem. The organization might overhaul its existing software or build a new ecosystem from scratch. Park also confirmed that the launch of the smartwatch hasn’t been delayed, and it will be arrive later, this year.

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