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Five Indian Women Entrepreneurs Breaking The Glass Ceiling In AI

“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn’t be that women are the exception”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

As per an AIM survey, women have more opportunities in AI and data analytics now than five years ago. Not surprisingly, many female entrepreneurs have made a name for themselves in this highly competitive field of late.

These women role models make a strong case for a diverse and inclusive AI culture. Here, we look at some of the prominent AI startups founded by women.


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Manisha Raisinghani, co-founder & CTO, LogiNext

LogiNext founded by Manisha in 2014, is a global technology and automation company focusing on transportation, home deliveries, omnichannel fulfilment and B2B distribution market. The company has helped its clients minimise logistics costs and achieve operational excellence by digitising and optimising order preparation, customer contact, routing, dispatching, and real-time monitoring.

“My journey with AI began long back while studying computer science and then working at Carnegie Mellon University as a research fellow. The possibilities that AI and ML present in the modern world of technology have been a big motivator. Working as a consultant in the field of logistics tech with companies like IBM gave me the insight to start LogiNext,” said Manisha.

“At LogiNext, we’ve built one of the most powerful AI-driven SaaS products for enterprises to automate their logistics operations, and we recently crossed a milestone of having tracked more than 10 billion data points which gives us a great advantage in being able to function with agility at scale.” 

She will deliver a keynote on “How AI in Logistics helped during the pandemic” at The Rising 2021 summit.

Pooja Goyal, co-founder & COO, Avishkaar

Pooja started Avishkaar in 2008. The organisation is at the forefront of next-gen technology education, offering a robust forum for teaching and learning 21st-century skills such as coding, robotics, AI, IoT, 3D printing, and drones. 

“There are many brilliant women across the world who are shaping the future of AI. I am working to ensure that the girls of today get excited and intrigued enough by exponential technologies like AI and robotics to play a dominant role in driving breakthrough innovation in the years to come,” said Pooja. “A study by UNESCO showed that 12% of AI researchers are women. That is a scary statistic and one that we at Avishkaar are working to change by empowering the next generation of women scientists and researchers. It is critical that we bridge the gender chasm in the AI world which is actively embedding gender prejudices in the technology of tomorrow.”

She will deliver a keynote on “Working towards building a more inclusive AI industry”at The Rising 2021 summit.

Megha Gambhir, co-founder & CEO, Stupa Sports Analytics

Megha founded Stupa Sports Analytics in 2019. The company’s solution combines data analytics and IoT to analyse a table tennis player’s technical performance in real-time for all levels using just a mobile camera. Stupa extracts trends and patterns from historical data and offers in-depth analysis of the game along with insights into the players’ fitness and techniques.

“The journey has not been easy. Building a startup is difficult. It requires constant push, rigorous fire and never-ending motivation, and that cannot be external, it has to be internal,” said Gambhir. “A blend of the right team having dedication, passion, humour, focus and hunger is very important, and I am blessed to have that.”

 She will deliver a keynote on “AI in Racket Sports” at The Rising 2021 summit.

Nupur Khandelwal, co-founder, Navia Life Care

Navia Life Care was started in 2016 by Nupur with a mission to empower healthcare providers with innovative platforms for improving the standard of care and patient health outcomes across the world. Navi Smart EMR uses voice-to-text and handwriting recognition to help healthcare providers and doctors create digital prescriptions faster. The e-Consult helps doctors establish virtual OPDs and Navia Connected Care integrates with smart medical devices to capture real-time data and assist doctors in diagnosis.

“Digital healthcare has emerged as an indispensable tool to fight COVID-19 in India and is now set to revolutionise the entire healthcare ecosystem. AI and machine learning tools have helped us enhance a doctor’s experience in writing prescriptions and making decisions with CDS (Clinical Decision support). Prescription creation time has reduced to less than a minute for doctors actively using our platform.”

Pooja Rao, co-founder,

Pooja founded in 2016. The company develops AI solution tools for medical imaging. uses deep learning to provide automatic analysis of X-rays and CT scans, with an emphasis on pulmonary disease and critical brain pathology diagnosis. Patients around the world benefit from’s tools are used at over 150 healthcare facilities in 30 countries. In 2020 itself the company has partnered with Astrazeneca to use AI for lung cancer screening.

P.S: A shoutout to women in AI & data science

Recently, Analytics India Magazine announced the third edition of The Rising – an all-women conference scheduled to be held on May 21 & 22, 2021. 

“The Rising will see women visionaries sharing their perspectives on building a career in the data science field. The series of talks and information sessions are geared towards helping women develop leadership skills.”

Click here for details.

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