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Free Data Science Courses By Alteryx For New Graduates & Unemployed

Free Data Science Courses By Alteryx For New Graduates & Unemployed

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Alteryx has announced the introduction of three data science courses for new graduates and unemployed data workers for free. The company has also collaborated with Udacity to offer complimentary access to Udacity for 30 days. The entire program is for three months and can be extended in certain cases. However, one will have to register and wait for the approval to get access to the programs. Usually, the company responds in 2 to 3 working day.

The accepted applicants will take these three courses: Intro to ADAPT/Data, Data Fundamentals and Core Certification, and Predictive Analytics for Business Nanodegree. Besides, you will get a six-month license of Alteryx Designer, thousands of data science and analytics experts, user groups, and 1:1 Alteryx associate support through the virtual solution centre.

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As per Alteryx, the course can be completed within a month if studied full-time. The idea behind offering this course is to upskill new graduates and the victims of mounting layoffs by companies. Anyone who lost the job due to COVID-19 can apply irrespective of their previous work. In other words, an unemployed aspirant with no data background is also eligible for the ADAPT program.

The 120+ hour-long course will enable learners to get back land a job in data science-related opening. Even after completing the course, learners will have to opportunity to continue upskilling by sharpening skills as a member of the Alteryx Community.

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Alteryx is one of the widely used data science platforms that enable self-service analytics to democratise data. Therefore, learning about the platform through this course will uniquely position you to obtain a job offer quickly. Proficiency in one of the most used platform is key as organisations are actively using Alteryx for data literacy. The company has come to the rescue for unemployment and new aspirants to assist them in starting or restarting their career in data science-related fields.

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