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From Ditching 9-5 To Launching An Analytics Startup: The Rollercoaster Ride Of Impactsure Founders

From Ditching 9-5 To Launching An Analytics Startup: The Rollercoaster Ride Of Impactsure Founders

  • With services such as consulting, workflow automation using AI and ML, and analytics, the startup covers the whole spectrum of offerings in the analytics domain.

Mumbai-based Impactsure Technologies isn’t your garden variety analytics consulting company. The startup brings together in-house analytics experts, in-depth domain understanding and reliable technology infrastructure to provide the best-in-class data science offerings to a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, marketing etc. From helping companies ride the digital transformation wave to providing AI expertise, Impactsure is living up to its name.

The Journey

Going down the memory lane, Dharmarajan S, Founder and CEO of Impactsure, said, like every other professional, we were content with the 9-5 job at MNCs before starting the company. During this time, tending to clients in various capacities such as sales advisor and technology architect, we gained insights into organisations’ pain points. “We realised that we could help such organisations and young entrepreneurs with strategies and solutions that are more cost-effective and support them to create a successful business environment,” he said. 

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The brain wave, coupled with a strong determination to help customers, prompted them to productise the idea. “Excellence in service while staying cost-effective for our customers at all times is the key priority for us. Collaboration is something that is making our business performances better and progressive with each passing quarter,” said Dharmarajan.

The trio of Dharmarajan, Subramaniyan N and Ashish Jha leads ImpactSure. While Dharmarajan has 25+ years of Business Leadership experience, Subramaniyan N brings an equal amount of experience in technology development and implementation. Jha has over 17 years of experience in enterprise software product management. Impactsure team is 50-people strong, with 35 of them being part of the core tech team.


With products, solutions, and strategies that speak of an innovation mindset, Impactsure technologies’ offerings help companies make the most out of their data. The startup covers the whole spectrum of offerings in the analytics domain, including consulting, workflow automation using AI and ML, and analytics. 

For instance, SureMatch is a home-grown product for the Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) industry and was developed during the COVID-19 breakout. BFSI organisations specifically have a huge repository of loan documents, property documents, bank guarantee applications gathered by customers, associates & partners. They face many challenges, including the inability to use already vetted records, multiple file search and narrow keyword search. Impactsure automates the document vetting process using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & use AI-based business processes for file comparison & contextual mapping for improved employee productivity, reliability, compliance to standard vetted language reduced search time.

Dharmarajan said partnering with Microsoft Power BI, a business analytics platform, helped Impactsure connect with multiple data sources, simplify data preparation, and turn it into intelligible insights. “Our experts showcase a great diversity of expertise and skills and are certified by Microsoft on analysing & visualising data. They also hold patents in Analytics and Robotic Process Automation. This has helped many organisations to save costs significantly,” he shared. 

Addressing Challenges

One of the industry’s biggest challenges is good data sets to train the models and get accurate results. To address this, ImpactSure has created simulated data based on real-life use cases.

“Another challenge is the high infrastructure cost. Our approach has been to optimise its usage,” he said. 

Data volume, cleaning, sources and accessibility are the other significant challenges companies adopting analytics solutions should consider. “Impactsure Technologies poses the right questions and collaborate with businesses and technical stakeholders to address them,” said Dharmarajan.


Data Volume:

  • How much data is required at go-live? 
  • What are the refresh frequency and incremental data volume?
  • Do you need all transactional data, or would aggregate data work?

Data Cleaning:

  • What type of transformations are required?
  • What new metric and column need to be added?
  • Is the data coming from all the sources and in the same format?

Data Sources:

  • Where would the master data come from?
  • Where would the transactional data reside?
  • Is there any mapping?

Data Access:

  • Who should be able to view and which kind of reports and dashboards?
  • Who should not be viewing a specific dataset?
  • Who can modify reports and dashboards?

Tech Stack 

The startup has been working on the new age technologies and building the core engine by adopting and leveraging a mix of digital technologies such as AI, Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Analytics, Internet of Things and Machine Learning to rapidly develop user-centric, scalable & secured enterprise solutions.

Impactsure uses a collection of Coding/DB applications to drive actionable insights or define a task. Python, Angular, Oracle, Java, Springboot, JavaScript and HTML are extensively used. For SDLC Process, they use Jira, Agile Scrum, DevOps, GitHub and Teams. From the CI/CD perspective, middleware like Maven, Apache and Jenkin are their go-to resources.

Growth Trajectory

Dharmarajan said it had been a roller coaster ride for the startup. “We have capitalised on our experience, resources and tools efficiently to get where we are. Humbled to say we are not only serving national clients but have our footprint in few countries across the globe,” he shared. He further said they are still learning, strategising, innovating and implementing the best solutions for the clients. 

Dharmarajan said ImpactSure is in expansion mode, looking to add new applications and features to their solutions and widening their catchment area.

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