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Fun AI Activities For Kids During COVID-19 Lockdown


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill with governments enforcing lockdowns to ensure their citizens stay at home and not fuel the outbreak. For professionals, except for a few adjustments, it does not make a major difference since most are still working from home. However, this is not true for children whose experiences have been quite different during this lockdown period.

With schools temporarily shut down and outdoor activities prohibited, artificial intelligence (AI) can offer a solution. Several activities anchored around AI can keep children engaged, entertained and also help them learn a thing or two.


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Although AI may seem complicated for many parents, the activities listed below have been put together to ensure that they find it easy to guide their children.

Eliza Chatbot

Created by Joseph Weizenbaum at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Eliza is considered the first chatbot ever created in 1964. The chatbot is designed to give replies after a child has typed something. The answers are often limited, due to which it is safe for children to chat with it without needing strict parental guidance. This chatbot should ideally be used by children who are still learning to read and write. 

One can find the chatbot by clicking on here.


Mitsuku – also known as Kuki – is considered the world’s best as per Google AI Research, and has won the Loebner Prize Turing Test five times. It is the most advanced chatbot currently in existence and is capable of talking about several different topics. From providing information about coronavirus, to world history to creating daily quizzes, Mitsuku can be an ideal companion for a child. However, the replies are not limited as compared to Eliza, and hence, this should be used by slightly older children. 

One can find the chatbot by clicking here.

Thing Translator

Thing Translator allows a child to learn how to pronounce an object in different languages. The translator captures the image of an object, recognizes it and gives a fitting description in the language chosen by the user. Along with that, it also describes an image in a chosen language which one wants to learn. Thing Translator is a fun way of learning new words in different languages.

One can find the application by clicking on here.

Emoji Scavenger Hunt

This is one of the activities that children can play alone, as well as with their parents. Developed by Google, the Emoji Scavenger Hunt uses AI to identify emoji in the real world. The app displays a picture of an object to the player. Once the object is displayed, the user has to find a similar object in the real world and upload it. The app will analyze the uploaded image to show if the player is correct or not. The app helps a child learn and identify different objects that can be found inside homes.

One can find the application by clicking here.

Semi Conductor

Another creation from Google, Semi Conductor is an AI orchestra that can be run from the browser of a desktop. The application allows a user to manage an orchestra like a real-life conductor. A user has to look into the camera of the desktop and move the arms and hands just like a conductor does in real life. The faster one moves, the quicker the instruments are played. To play the music louder, one needs to move their arms up higher, and to play softer, they need to keep their arms low. 

One can find the application by clicking here.

Box Island

With the help of an exciting storyline – which requires the users to help the lead character explore the island – Box Island motivates and teaches programming to children. The game opens new subjects to them, such as algorithmic thinking, sequencing, patterns, and debugging as an essential process. The game allows a kid to explore 3D environments and also helps them solve problems through coding.

One can download the game from Playstore and App Store.

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