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Get a US Masters Degree in one of the fastest growing and lucrative fields

Get a US Masters Degree in one of the fastest growing and lucrative fields

This is an exciting opportunity for engineers from any discipline to jumpstart a super career in data science.

Most leading consulting firms predict that in the coming decade there will be a huge gap between the demand and supply of data scientists, making the prospects for data scientists immensely bright. Furthermore, data science is regarded as one of the fastest ways to earn upwards of  $100,000 a year in the United States.

Many professionals attempt to learn the basics of data science on the job, which is a long, tedious and risky path.

However, while the field is exciting and can be practiced by engineers from any discipline, we’ve found that none of the undergraduate curricula currently offered prepares a student for this new job opportunity. Colleges are taking the time to introduce this science in regular curriculum because it is a multi-disciplinary domain needing inputs from engineering, computer science, machine learning, statistics and business. But to truly succeed, we feel students need more.

We are proud to announce the “INSOFE Masters in USA”, a program that addresses the shortfalls in current curricula, in order to help any engineering student or professional get into data science and quickly land a top job!



International School of Engineering (INSOFE) is one of the top institutes in executive education in data science in India, with clientele that includes Microsoft, HP, UnitedHealth Group, ADP, Broadridge, Novartis, Wipro, D.E. Shaw, Insurance Information Bureau of India, and Dr. Reddy’s Labs.

Our primary focus has been executive education, although we have an outstanding track record preparing students for masters programs in many world class universities. Our alumni are pursuing masters degrees and doing exceptionally well in Drexel U, Northwestern U, Georgia State U, National University of Singapore, Royal Holloway – University of London, ETH Zurich, and have been admitted to Cornell U, UT – Austin, Arizona State U, U of Connecticut, U of Cincinnati, U of Minnesota – Twin Cities and many others.


The programs of INSOFE are recognized by leading universities worldwide.  The Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University certified our program for quality of content, pedagogy and assessments, while the another prominent US university evaluated the program and offered an additional scholarship to INSOFE students.

INSOFE’s Latest Program – Masters in USA

[quote]We are now collaborating with Drexel U, Bowling Green State U, and Benedictine U whereby INSOFE students get attractive scholarships to pursue analytics masters programs at these universities.  We invite you to join this exciting opportunity![/quote]

How does the program work?

There are three core components to the program:

Preparatory pre-Masters course:  A masters in Data Science, for most students, means entry into a completely new field.  Once the universities give admissions to selected students from the pool recommended by INSOFE, they go through a 100 hour classroom + 100 hour lab preparatory program covering all essential foundations needed to excel in Masters. This way, students gain the needed confidence, skills and expertise in all areas of data science. The students will be taught by the same world-class faculty that teach INSOFE’s CPEE program.

Scholarship for the Masters programs: Students admitted into the INSOFE’s Masters in USA program also get assured scholarships (up to 30% waiver on regular tuition fee) towards the respective Masters programs at one of the three universities: Drexel, Bowling Green State or Benedictine. The scholarship amounts vary with the university.

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Benedictine U also offers dual degrees (MS in Business Analytics + MBA and MS in Business Analytics + MS in Management Information Systems) In addition to the standalone MS in Business Analytics degree option.

All the masters programs take anywhere between one and one and a quarter year of full-time study in the USA. A dual degree takes two years of full-time study in the USA.

Complete career services:  INSOFE works closely with fast-growing analytics firms in the USA (Neumeric Technologies, ICUBE consulting) to provide comprehensive career services, including resume preparation, interview facing skills, placement assistance with top organizations, visa processing, etc.  For those who want to return to India immediately after the program, INSOFE has comprehensive career services in India as well, where our students get placed with a variety of corporations worldwide.

Education loans: The entire program is eligible for education loans through education finance companies in India; so, students don’t have to fear huge up-front education costs.

What are the eligibility criteria?

  • Interested students from any discipline with following degrees: B.E./B.Tech., M.E./M.Tech., M.Sc. (Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics), MCA or MBA.
  • Valid GRE and TOEFL scores
  • Lots of enthusiasm and passion for numbers and logic

Click here to start an exciting journey into data science today!

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