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GitHub Introduces Six Week Summer Program For Teen Developers

GitHub Introduces Six Week Summer Program For Teen Developers

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GitHub is partnering with Hack Club to support the students behind the Summer of Making, a new remote, student summer program. From building Arduino-powered robots to creating an open-source game, GitHub says it is exciting to see students channel their passions and build with the Hack Club community this summer.

Summer of Making is open globally to teenagers age 13-18 and entirely free. Running for six weeks starting in early July, students will have access to hardware on a needs basis (shipped directly to their home) and guidance from industry mentors. GitHub has committed to a $50K hardware fund, globally and is working alongside Arduino and Adafruit on delivering the hardware tools directly to students’ homes. For those that do not get a spot in “Summer of Making”, they can join the Hack Club community to stay active on the latest activities going on locally and globally.

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Summer of Making is the brainchild of teenagers from Hack Club, a network of after-school computer clubs led and organized by students, for students. Hack Club gives students the support and community they need to explore their interests in technology. All Summer of Making participants will have the opportunity to build connections within the entire Hack Club community and showcase their projects at the end of the summer. Students also have access to:

  • A network of 400+ Hack Clubs chapters, across 22 countries around the world
  • Free access to the best developer tools with the Student Developer Pack
  • Funding for hardware (as needed basis) from GitHub
  • Prototyping tools and support from Adafruit and Arduino
  • Mentorship from industry professionals

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