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Give wings to your Analytics start-up

Give wings to your Analytics start-up


Having a bright idea is one thing but implementing that idea is quite another. What if you had the chance to give your idea wings, to give it an outline and structure and what if that idea is something that could change the way people think?

Technology and data has a more prominent role in our lives and selling and growing an idea should be relatively easy with so many social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Why then, do we have so few entrepreneurs in our country? Recent statistics show that up to 12.5% of the Indian working population were involved in opportunity based ventures – the number isn’t very encouraging. We have resources at our disposal but lack the support required to execute. Many young entrepreneurs have a grasp of what is involved in launching a new venture, but keeping that going is the problem. Many ideas lack the outline and structure that is required for success.

That is why Quantium India’s Start-Up event is giving entrepreneurs and idea enthusiasts a chance to make their concept BIG. The event can help dynamic entrepreneurs ignite the spark of innovation, fan the flames of ingenuity and bring light to a brilliant idea. As a globally recognized leader in the development of data-driven insights and ideas, Quantium has helped many brands create new and sustainable sources of competitive advantage.

After a decade of presence in Australia, Quantium opened a new office in India where it continues to bring the highest pedigree to its combined skill sets of Data, Analytics, Technology and Media. By delivering insights into the rapidly changing needs and preferences of consumers, and proposing ideas about how brands can engage customers, Quantium enables progressive businesses to capitalize on the value of their own data. The company attracts some of the brightest minds in the business and is passionate about training and development – for everyone. They aim to cultivate a sociable and family oriented spirit, with plenty of opportunities to get to know colleagues, to celebrate everyone’s success and to know that you are part of an interesting and diverse team that really pulls together to achieve remarkable outcomes.

The Start-up Event is Quantium’s new venture support initiative, looking to attract and potentially partner with Australia and India’s best innovators and entrepreneurs. Quantium is offering support in a range of tangible ways, ultimately with the potential to collaborate in idea development and commercialization.

The Indian leg of the event will provide opportunities for Indian innovators to showcase their ideas to Quantium and its prestigious partner base in Australia. Progressing in this event will give the candidate a chance to collaborate, network and be mentored by key Quantium executives and many of Australia’s business leaders. The finalists from India will be flown to Sydney to compete in the final round with finalists from Australia.

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Quantium embraces a central philosophy of innovation, entrepreneurship and continuous improvement. So why hold back on an idea? Give it a shot, hone your skills and give your view a chance to grow. If you don’t push the boundaries now, when will you? The time has come for action, channel your entrepreneurship and technological skills in ways that will benefit your career and maybe while you’re at it, you could just make the world a better place.

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