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Goodies That Tech Firms Give To New Joiners

Goodies That Tech Firms Give To New Joiners

  • Tech firms nowadays are going the extra mile to serve goodies and attract young and promising talents to the company.

Social media platforms are buzzing these days with “goodies” posts from employees and new joiners in the tech industry. People feel excited when they land up jobs at good firms and love the way they are welcomed. Tech firms nowadays are going the extra mile to serve goodies and attract young and promising talents to the company. Most organisations have fun and innovative onboarding programmes, but some are going a step further to attract candidates even after they have accepted the job offer. Companies are facing intense competition, and they wish to send a signal to candidates that they have made the right choice. Let’s have a look at what all goodies tech firms are bestowing upon the new joiners.

Goodies from Walmart Tech

IT & services provider Walmart Global Tech India is giving away a Macbook pro to the new joiners along with some books, bags and a water bottle as well. Sharing the smooth onboarding process and a warm welcome, Shekhar Nair from Walmart Global Tech India team said: Thank you to Walmart Global Tech India for the wonderful onboarding and goodies. Excited to learn loads and contribute immensely to Sam Walton World.”

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Image Credits: LinkedIn post

Goodies from Nagarro

Digital product engineering firm Nagarro and its onboarding team are wooing new joiners with a welcome kit comprising a laptop, cookies, handy mug, water bottle and even a t-shirt with the company’s logo. Sharing the excitement, Sajal Singhal, who joined as a Senior Engineer at Nagarro, thanked the company for a smooth virtual onboarding process and loved the goodies received.

Image Credits: LinkedIn post

Let’s have VMware goodies

Somya Bharti, a young girl with her Bachelor’s from VIT in CS, feels that life is full of surprises, and one needs to look at the bigger picture. She recently joined the VMware team as a member of the technical staff. In her post, she said that everyone reaches a point in their life when they are proud of themselves. One of which is “The First Job”, everyone dreams of. For her, joining VMware is that one moment in her life. “The sense of empowerment by being independent, the gratitude towards everyone and everything that encouraged me to reach here, the happiness of getting “new goodies,” the excitement of setting up my workstation and meet and learn from a talented set of folks and many experienced professionals is unexplainable,” she mentioned.

Image Credits: LinkedIn post

Goodies from Course5i

Sumit Gaykwad, who is working as a Junior Survey Programmer at Course5i, recently got some cool stuff from the organisation. He received a JBL speaker, a shiny-black revolving chair that seems to be quite comfortable while working at home and a workspace desk. Companies are taking care of their employees in the best possible manner and ensuring a smooth work from home setup.

Image Credits: LinkedIn post

Goodies from Fractal

Books are the most precious gifts. Kajal recently joined as an Imagineer under the Decision Science Program 2021 at Fractal. She was surprised when she received a book titled “Man’s Search for Meaning” along with several other goodies from the team. Sharing her excitement in a post, she said, “True leader is always keen to spread knowledge and wisdom among his team. Honoured to be a part of Fractal who care so much about their employees. Thanks a lot, Fractal, for all the goodies. Looking forward to receiving more such gift hampers.” 

Image Credits: LinkedIn post

Fresh goodies from Freshworks

The company recently got listed on Nasdaq and became the first Indian software maker to be listed there. Moreover, multiple openings at firms are waiting for suitable candidates to grab. Not just the job, but the company welcomes its employees with specially customised goodies. Take, for instance, Ajit Aditya received goodies just one month after joining the firm. His happiness and the impact this has made can be understood in his own words: “It’s been a month since I started my new job with Freshworks. Today I have received goodies from the company for reaching their 10th Anniversary. This really fascinates me; how can a company think about the well-being of the person who joined a month ago.”

Image Credits: LinkedIn post

Goodies From Infosys

People aspire to get into Infosys – the business consulting, IT and outsourcing services provider. The Indian tech giant is giving away cool products to its new joiners and making them feel at home. One of the new employees at Infosys, Parul Sharma, who joined as an Associate Consultant, shared her excitement and goodies in a post, liked and appreciated by many. Moreover, besides a warm welcome, people feel excited to start their new journey at Infosys. 

Image Credits: LinkedIn post

Wrapping up

Many large big tech firms have adopted the trend well, whether it’s Fractal, InMobi, Epsilon, or KPMG, etc. This may not sound of any use to many, but to put things simply, it does create a kind of belongingness and leads to a happy onboarding experience. Moreover, it makes them realise that they matter and are important for the company. Gifts are a welcome step, and it helps in further creating a better workplace environment.

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