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Google Acquires Cornerstone Technology For Enhancing Cloud Services

Google Acquires Cornerstone Technology For Enhancing Cloud Services

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In an undisclosed deal price, Google on Wednesday acquired Cornerstone Technology to assist big organisations in migrating their mainframe workload. Today, companies are moving to the cloud, but some of the big companies partly depend on mainframe customers. Google, with Cornerstone, is planning to target mainframe customers from moving their workloads to its cloud.

“Cornerstone brings a wealth of experience and innovative solutions to our portfolio of products and services that help customers modernise their infrastructure and applications,” wrote Howard Weale, director, transformation practice at Google.

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Cornerstone is an expert in breaking the mainframe monolith programs into Java monoliths or Java microservices, thereby allowing various companies to leverage advanced services on Google Cloud. With robust tools at its helm, Cornerstone automates the migration process.

Here are the solutions that Cornerstone delivers to simplify the migration to the cloud:

  1. Migration roadmap development: It assesses the entire mainframe environment, finds macro and the microservices to create a roadmap for a modern services architecture. This makes it easy to plan your path to the cloud. 
  2. Conversion flexibility (“any-to-any”): One of the pressing issues that companies withness while migrating is the language and database barrier. However, Cornerstone ensures that the transition is swift by precisely switching to other languages and databases.
  3. Automated data migration: Cornerstone’s facet is that it automates tedious tasks through innovation. This streamlines the migration of workloads to the cloud.

Some of the prominent companies like Boa Vista, a financial services company in Brazil was successfully migrated to Google Cloud without friction. Migrating to a new services architecture helps us innovate faster and save on compute costs. We’re migrating both our AS/400 and z/OS systems to more modern technologies like Java and SQL databases,” said Ricardo Orlando, chief technology officer of Boa Vista. “Google Cloud is helping us realise new revenue streams and more effectively deploy our resources.”

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