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Google Cloud Launches Digital Twin For Supply-Chain Management

Google Cloud Launches Digital Twin For Supply-Chain Management

Google Cloud has announced the launch of Supply Chain Twin, a purpose-built industry solution that lets companies build a digital twin — a virtual representation of their physical supply chain — by orchestrating data from disparate sources to get a complete view of suppliers, inventories, and other information. 

Adding to that, the company announced the Supply Chain Pulse module, to be used with Supply Chain Twin to provide real-time dashboards, advanced analytics, alerts on critical issues like potential disruptions, and collaboration in Google Workspace.

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“The Supply Chain Twin enables customers to gain deeper insights into their operations, helping them optimize supply chain functions—from sourcing and planning, to distribution and logistics,” said Mr Hans Thalbauer, Managing Director, Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions, Google Cloud.

The past year, COVID-19 led to supply chain disruptions and proved the need for more up-to-date insights into operations, inventory levels, and more. 

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Using Supply Chain Twin companies can bring together data from multiple sources, while requiring less partner integration time than traditional API-based integration. Some customers saw a 95% reduction in analytics processing time, with times for some dropping from 2.5 hours down to eight minutes. Once customers are up-and-running on Supply Chain Twin, the Supply Chain Pulse module enables further visibility, simulations, and collaboration features:

  • Real-time visibility and advanced analytics: Drill down into key operational metrics with executive performance dashboards that make it easier to view the status of the supply chain.
  • Alert-driven event management and collaboration across teams: Set mobile alerts that trigger when key metrics reach user-defined thresholds and build shared workflows that allow users to quickly collaborate in Google Workspace to resolve issues.
  • AI-driven optimization and simulation: Trigger AI-driven algorithm recommendations to suggest tactical responses to changing events, flag more complex issues to the user and simulate the impact of hypothetical situations.

Supply Chain Twin and the Twin Pulse module are globally available in Preview. One can learn about further information here.

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