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Google Cloud Launches New Tool To Ease Kubernetes Delivery

Google Cloud Launches New Tool To Ease Kubernetes Delivery

  • For enterprises using Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), continuous delivery is typically top of mind.

Google has announced the launch of Google Cloud Deploy, a managed, opinionated continuous delivery service that simplifies, accelerates, and improves the reliability of continuous delivery to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

For enterprises using GKE, continuous delivery is typically top of mind. Continuous delivery—the process of deploying container image artefacts into different environments—remains complicated, especially in Kubernetes setups. Google came out with solutions to tackle challenges that include:

  • Ownership costs: The new solution from Google eliminates the scaling and maintenance responsibilities that typically come with self-managed continuous delivery solutions. Additionally, Google Cloud Deploy also provides structure. Delivery pipelines and targets are defined declaratively and are stored alongside each release, which means, even if the delivery pipeline changes, the release’s path to production remains durable. Hence, it will help save time that would otherwise be lost troubleshooting issues on in-flight releases caused by changes made to the delivery pipeline.
  • Security and audit: Throughout, Google Cloud Deploy allows for discrete resource access control, as well as execution-level security. Flow management tools such as release promotion, rollback, and approvals can provide further protection against undesired approvals.
  • Integration: Delivering to Kubernetes is a process that evolves with time. To make things easier, Google Cloud Deploy makes use of Skaffold, which allows you to standardise your configuration across development and production environments. 

Finally, Google Cloud Deploy emits pub/sub messages throughout a release’s lifecycle to make other integrations easier, such as post-deployment test execution or third-party approval workflows.
Read more on how to deploy here.

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