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Google Launches India-Specific Website To Provide Up-To-Date COVID-19 Information

Google Launches India-Specific Website To Provide Up-To-Date COVID-19 Information

Google Launches India-Specific Website To Provide Up-To-Date COVID-19 Information

Amid this COVID-19 pandemic, in order to deliver comprehensive and accurate information to people, Google has launched an India-specific website on coronavirus. The site also shares information on how to stay productive during this time.

Alongside, the website contains critical information that is required during this crisis, such as crucial helpline numbers, content about symptoms, protective measures, known treatments, and the latest global and Indian statistics. The website is also putting a lot of effort to host a collection of videos on how people can use their time productively, as well as some resources and training modules for individuals, small businesses, and educators to stay informed during this self-isolation at home.


The website has been divided into four key sections — health information; safety and prevention tips; data and insights; and resources.

To explain further — the safety and prevention tips section shares educational and informative links and videos by the Union Health Ministry. This section has been designed to convey to people the importance of hygiene, washing hands, declaring symptoms, and adopting responsible behaviour to combat the spread.

Secondly, the data and insights section would be providing up-to-date real-time insights from Google Trends, which would include some of the most searched and trending questions on COVID-19 from India on Google. The website shares those snapshots, including the latest coronavirus news, as well as defining a few jargons like — social distancing, lockdown, and self-quarantine?

Thirdly, the resources section is going to show people several useful videos that can help families spend time being productive at home. The website also shares information on coping techniques for stressful days, along with some new recipes and DIY to try at home.

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The website is designed to urge people to get up early in the morning and be productive. Individuals will also find crucial tips for getting work done during a stressful situation. The website is also helping teachers to connect with their students using resources like distance learning for schools, teach from home tools for teachers, and methods to help kids learn to read at home.

Besides, for SMBs and leaders, the website is also providing information on how to manage businesses during uncertainty, with training tools for remote working and learning.

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