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Google Partners With Pluralsight And Udacity To Train 1.3 Lakh Indian Developers In Emerging Technologies

Google Partners With Pluralsight And Udacity To Train 1.3 Lakh Indian Developers In Emerging Technologies


Google in association with Pluralsight and Udacity, recently announced a new scholarship program to help 1,30,000 developers and students from across India with an objective to create a pool of highly skilled tech workforce.

In this joint effort, Google is sponsoring 1,00,000 scholarships on the Pluralsight technology learning platform and 30,000 scholarships on Udacity to help developers gain access to advanced learning curriculum and further their employability in emerging technologies like mobile and web development, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and cloud platforms.

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“Since we announced our skilling initiative in India, 2,10,000 students have completed Google developed courses on Udacity, with 1,17,000 students completing the course this year. To build on this momentum, this scholarship program, will make it easy for students and developers to gain the skills they need to be successful in the changing technology landscape,” William Florance, developer products group and skilling lead for Google India, told ANI. “Pluralsight already supports learners in more than 150 countries and with this partnership we hope to gain tailwind in our effort to skill India,” he added.

Google is offering 30 thousand scholarships with Udacity and among them 1,000 developers will also be selected to receive full Nanodegree scholarships.

Interested candidates will also get access to Pluralsight IQ, where they can measure their skills in the latest technologies within five minutes.

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This new scholarship program is in continuation of Google’s plans to train two million developers in India, to help spur innovation and support the growth of India’s start-up ecosystem.

“With this scholarship program, students can master web and mobile development skills with the experts from Udacity and Google. The top 1000 students earn an additional 6-month scholarship to our mobile and web developer Nanodegree programs, which includes mentorship, community support, and expert project reviews,” said MD, Udacity India, Ishan Gupta.

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