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Google Releases Android 12, Reveals New Features and Changes

Google Releases Android 12, Reveals New Features and Changes

Google recently released its much-awaited update for Android users, i.e. the Android 12. The company announced that the stable version of its latest generation of Android is now available for Google Pixel devices. Google has pushed the source to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), officially releasing the latest version of Android.

The latest version includes numerous feature updates and brings one of the most radical redesigns ever seen on Android


Many new user-friendly features have also been added to the new version, including a privacy dashboard, under which one can now graphically view which apps are using which features on your phone and monitor them closely. In addition, the ‘Manage Permissions’ shortcut gives direct access to per-function permissions.

Android 12 comprises a dynamically built lock screen; smarter bundled quick settings access, big and bold notifications and menu buttons, dynamically tuned screen lighting and colour schemes, and new pushes. 

Google also revealed that Android 12 will get more animations than before and that these animations won’t shake or break easily over time. 

The new update claims to reduce CPU time used by core system services by 22% and the use of big cores by 15%. Also improved are app startup times and optimized I/O for faster app loading, and for database queries, an improved CursorWindow by as much as 49x for large windows.

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The newly redesigned version from Google will be rolled out to all devices running on Android 12, with Pixel users being the first. This will bring new design changes to Google Workspace applications, including Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Google will also be hosting the Android Dev Summit from 27 to 28 October to tell about the latest updates in Android development and what’s more for Android 12. The show kicks off at 10 AM PT on 27 October with The Android Show, a 50-minute technical keynote where you’ll hear all the latest news and updates for Android developers.

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