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Google Releases Keen – A New Social Media Platform To Rival Pinterest

Google Releases Keen – A New Social Media Platform To Rival Pinterest


Area 120 — Google’s team that creates experimental solutions — developed a platform called Keen. The platform will work similarly to what Pinterest offers; curating content related to topics of one’s choice. The platform will be using machine learning to provide bespoke content from all across the web based on your interest. 

Usually, people spend a lot of time finding interesting articles related to their preference on various search engines. The idea behind Keen is to automate this process by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning. “Keen isn’t intended to be a place to spend endless hours browsing. Instead, it’s a home for your interests: a place to grow them, share them with loved ones and find things that will help in making this precious life count,” wrote CJ Adams, co-founder of Keen.

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The Area 120 team worked in collaboration with Google’s human-centred machine learning systems team, People and AI Research (PAIR), to develop the platform to help people spend more time of what they love instead of searching on the web.

You can create a Keen on Keen platform about a topic and add articles or other contents from the web and share it with others. Other people with similar interests can follow your Keen and also contribute to your collections. However, you can make your Keens private or public to control who can follow and contribute to your collections.

As you keep saving more content in your collections, the platform will continuously enhance its machine learning system to deliver more personalised content. “The more you save to Keen and organise it, the better the recommendations become. Even if you are not an expert on a topic, you can start curating a Keen and save a few interesting “gems” or links that you find helpful. These bits of content act like seeds and help keen discover more and more related content over time,” mentions Adams. You can also, create a section within your specific Keen to better organise your collections.

The platform is available on web and play store.

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