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Google Will Assist India In Solving These Socio-Economic Challenges

Google Will Assist India In Solving These Socio-Economic Challenges

Google research in India

Google has announced that it will deploy AI in six research projects to solve various challenges faced in India. The focused sectors are public health, education, disaster prevention, and conservation. Google is already using AI in forecasting floods, detecting diabetic eye diseases, and cancers.

The company is determined to extend the use of AI further and deliver social good. And since Google had already established Google Research India — an AI lab — in September 2019, it has uniquely positioned itself, to begin with, the projects immediately. The company is kicking off support for six research projects in collaboration with several organisations from India and across Asia.

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Leading AI researchers, along with nonprofit organisations, will collectively work on the projects, while Google will bring its expertise with its researchers, engineers and program managers. Google will offer technologies such as computer vision, natural language processing, and deep learning techniques.

1. Improving health information for high HIV/AIDS risk communities:

The idea is to increase awareness among people; Google will apply AI to determine influencers among marginalised communities at high risk of HIV/AIDS contraction. This will disseminate health information, render services, and decrease the rate of HIV contraction. 

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2. Predicting risk for expectant mothers:

AI will be used with healthcare records to predict the likelihood of expectant mothers. This will allow doctors to intervene before an issue afflicts the mother. Consequently, it will increase the healthcare delivery and in turn, a better outcome for mothers and babies.

3. Improving consistency of healthcare information input:

AI in healthcare has the potential to improve the way people live drastically; however, due to many challenges like the absence of data collection solution has slackened the use of AI. To mitigate such problems, Goole will help in gathering desired healthcare data, monitor it to get actionable insights.

4. Predicting human-wildlife conflict:

For this project, the target state will be Maharashtra, where the government and citizens are in dilemma of deforestation. AI will be used here to provide insights to help make data-driven policymaking.

5. Improving dams and barrage water release:

India suffers significant damage due to the lack of balance between storing and releasing water from dams. This cause numerous death in the country. AI will be deployed here to address this problem and minimise the risk.

6. Supporting publishing of underserved Indian language content:

Google will also help in building open-source input tools for underserved Indian languages to accelerate the publishing of openly licensed content.

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