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Google’s $5 Mn Funded AI Institute Will Explore Human-AI Interactions

Google’s $5 Mn Funded AI Institute Will Explore Human-AI Interactions

Google recently the launch of new Artificial Intelligence Institute for research aimed at boosting R&D on interaction between people and AI. Launched in collaboration with the US National Science Foundation (NSF), the National AI Research Institute for Human-AI Interaction will focus on areas such as speech, written language and gestures to make it more effective.

Google will provide $5 million as funding for supporting the institute, along with offering AI expertise, research collaborations and cloud support for the researchers to conduct advanced AI research in the field.


“Research projects will engage a diverse set of experts, educate the next generation and promote workforce development, and broaden participation from underrepresented groups and institutions across the country,” said the company in a blogpost.

The institute will focus on developing tools and techniques adhering to humanistic principles such as social benefit, inclusive design, safety, robustness, privacy and more.

The tech giant said that the outcomes of the research will be published at frequent durations keeping the AI community abreast of the progress in the field.

Google has been working for several years in the field exploring the possibilities of humans and AI systems operating together to make smarter and faster decisions. It has published several research papers in  human-computer interaction and visualization; bringing industry and academic experts together at events like the PAIR Symposium and top research conferences; designing tools like Facets, the What-If Tool.

The company believes that there has been an increased adoption in AI for decision making in sectors such as medicine, education, agriculture and others. The institute will focus on further realising the potential of AI in interaction with humans in other domains.

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