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Govt Contemplates Using AI For Translating SC Judgements, Constitutes New Committee

Govt Contemplates Using AI For Translating SC Judgements, Constitutes New Committee

Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad this week announced the Centre’s plans to use artificial intelligence in language translation. Informing the Lok Sabha about how the Supreme Court website was updated with the judgements uploaded in nine languages, the BJP leader said that the Government was contemplating using AI for the same purpose in the future.

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Speaking during the Question Hour, Prasad said, “At present, judgements in nine vernacular languages are being translated and uploaded on the website of the Supreme Court of India. The nine languages are: Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Odiya, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.”

According to a news wire, this translation of judgments relates to cases under these categories:

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  1. Labour matters
  2. Rent Act matters
  3. Land acquisition and requisition matters
  4. Service matters
  5. Compensation matters
  6. Criminal matters
  7. Family law matters
  8. Ordinary civil matters
  9. Personal law matters
  10. Religious and charitable endowments matters
  11. Simple money and mortgage matters
  12. Eviction under the Public Premises (Eviction) Act matters
  13. Land laws and agriculture tenancies
  14. And matters relating to consumer protection

Over their 2014-19 tenure, the Narendra Modi-led government has put enough importance towards the technology sector by starting various new programmes and setting up an AI Task Force to prepare India for the upcoming Industrial Revolution 5.0. Through a series of events and speeches, Prime Minister Modi has been deliberately showcasing India as well as his government as technologically-forward.

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