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Great Lakes Institute of Management participates in CYPHER2015

Great Lakes Institute of Management participates in CYPHER2015

Bhasker Gupta

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Great Lakes Institute of Management is one of the leading business schools in the country providing quality analytics education. Great Lakes’ Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics is ranked amongst the top 3 analytic programs and is a 12 months blended (classroom + online) program designed for working professionals. The program is now offered in Bangalore, Chennai and Gurgaon. Recently, Great Lakes’ participated in India’s most promising analytics summit.

Cypher 2015, which was scheduled on 12th Sep 2015, saw more than 400 attendees from 150+ organizations saw more than 30 thoughts leaders from Indian analytics industry. Great Lakes exhibited at the summit showcasing the various features of their analytics program. Both the program directors – Dr. Bappaditya Mukhopadhyay and Dr. Vishwanathan P K spoke at the summit.

Dr. Bappaditya Mukhopadhyay took a workshop on “Formulating a Problem: The Art & Science of Data Gathering”. Problems come as unstructured as possible. Analytics begins with defining the problem adequately, identifying the data source and often creating the data. In this workshop, Prof Bappa explored the art of problem formulation and the science of data gathering. It was a highly received workshop with highly enthusiastic audience asking numerous questions to Prof Bappa.[youtube url=””]

Great Lakes have recently launched their analytics program in Bangalore, after Chennai and Gurgaon. Speaking about this, Prof Bappa detailed “Looking in terms of which city to go after Chennai and Gurgaon, Bangalore is a natural progression with various analytics organizations. Many of these organizations would like to either acquire fresh talent or reskill their existing analytics talent.”

[youtube url=”” width=”80″ height=”50″]When asked about his take on Cypher2015, Prof Bappaditya spoke; “It’s Fantastic! You meet so many people who are industry experts and its even more heartening to see lot many people who are not formally trained in analytics but they are here because they want to know more about it and are willing to invest their time and resource on it.”

Dr Vishwanathan P K chaired the panel discussion on Analytics Education in India. The other speakers for this panel were Dr Anshuman Gupta; Head (Decision Science Program), Cognizant Analytics at Cognizant Technology Solutions, Dr Prithwis Mukerjee; Program Director, Business Analytics at Praxis Business School, Vikas Gupta; Managing Director at Wiley India and Ankit Gupta; Business Head – E-commerce at TPG Wholesale Pvt. Ltd.[youtube url=””]

The panel discussion focussed on the state of Analytics Education in India, the industry expectations, how to create an excellent industry ready quality professional workbench and what next in this journey.

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Prof Vishwanathan shared his views about Analytics Education in India, “The future certainly belongs to business analytics, which will replace traditional ways of doing business. Business Analytics courses offered by premier institutions can facilitate corporates to become winners in the marketplace.   Analytics Education in India should provide comprehensive knowledge of analytic techniques with an applied orientation for executives working in business analytics as well as professionals interested in a career in analytics.”

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