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Great Learning Launches ‘Great Learning Academy’ — An Online Library On AI & ML

Great Learning Launches ‘Great Learning Academy’ — An Online Library On AI & ML

Great Learning Launches ‘Great Learning Academy’ — An Online Library On AI & ML

Great Learning has recently launched ‘Great Learning Academy’, a digital library offering over 300 hours of structured learning content across 40 courses focused on critical career skills.

The Great Learning Academy has been designed to offer a wide range of courses including analytics, programming, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, digital marketing, big data and business finance. It offers beginner and intermediate level courses in the aforementioned domains combined with industry case studies, weekly live sessions, and career preparation material.

Developing Critical Career Skills

According to the release by the Great Learning — LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report for 2020 puts artificial intelligence specialist and data scientist at the top of the emerging jobs list, with over 74% and 34% hiring growth over the past four years. Both of these fields come with a relatively high bar of entry and their own specialised skills clusters. This indicates that the idea of upskilling in new-age skills has not yet penetrated deep enough when it comes to college students and working professionals.

Great Learning claimed that with this initiative, it is trying to change the idea of upskilling. This is being done by incorporating courses that cover the conceptual understanding of the topic, offering students a 360-degree view of each subject they choose to study.

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Mohan Lakhamraju, the founder and CEO of Great Learning stated that the purpose of Great Learning Academy is to offer everyone the opportunity to develop critical career skills relevant to this digital age.

He further added that the online repository will provide access to courses developed and delivered by award-winning faculty members. He said, “This initiative is an integral part of Great Learning’s belief that everyone willing to put in the effort needed to learn should have access to the best learning opportunities possible regardless of their economic situation.” The courses could be taken by both working professionals as well as students.

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