Hansa Cequity Appoints Neeraj Sangani As New CEO

Sangani has been the COO since May 2020 and has been running the operations of the company for the past 16 months.  

Hansa Cequity recently announced the appointment of Neeraj Sangani as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Sangani has been the COO since May 2020 and has been running the operations of the company for the past 16 months. He will be reporting to Group CEO Shekar Swamy and the Board of the company. 

The RK Swamy Hansa Group commenced Hansa Cequity (Hansa Customer Equity) as a start-up 13 years ago and has invested heavily since in the technology-driven space. The company provides services in the Data Analytics, CRM and MarTech space.

Sangani is an Alumni of UCLA Anderson School of Management and a keen proponent of Behavioural Economics. He has completed his professional certifications from the Institute of Data & Marketing, London and the Rotman School of Management, Toronto, and runs CXMLab, a blog on tech, data and analytics.

“It is an honour to lead this exciting company with a great portfolio of clients. I look forward to working closely with the Group and consolidating our leadership position in the market,” said Sangani.

Shekar Swamy said, “Neeraj joined the Group over two decades ago. He is well versed in our activities and culture. He grew up in the world of advertising and branding and has added valuable experience in Analytics and data-driven Customer Engagement programs. He will be a great partner to our clients and our people and drive the company to the next level.”

The company congratulated Sangani for this appointment on various social media platforms. 

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