Happy birthday PyTorch! The open-source ML library completes 5 years since its public launch

PyTorch is a free and open-source software released under the Modified BSD license.


Today, PyTorch is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its public launch. “We didn’t expect to come this far, but here we are ☺️. We are now at 2K Contributors, 90K Downstream Projects, 3.9M lines of “import torch” on GitHub. But more importantly, we’re still receiving lots of love and having a great ride,” said PyTorch’s social media handles.

PyTorch, an open-source ML library based on the Torch library, is used for applications like computer vision and natural language processing (NLP). PyTorch is primarily developed by Facebook’s AI Research lab (FAIR).


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Wishes all around

Logan Kilpatrick, Developer Community Advocate at Julia Language and a Board of Director at Num FOCUS wrote: “Congrats to the PyTorch community and , Soumith Chintala for leading the project to such success! Looking forward to seeing what happens in the next 5 years”

Lambert Rosique, Artificial Intelligence and Software Manager at Touch Sensity, said, “What’s awesome with PyTorch is that it went from “used mostly by researchers” to “used in industry too” in only two-three years :o Congratulations!

Stefan Ojanen, Product Manager at Genesis Cloud, posted on LinkedIn: “Well done! With ML starting to benefit all aspects of life, the whole world benefits from the healthy competition between PyTorch and TensorFlow 👏 It’s also good that they have stayed differentiated in meaningful ways, so both will have their place for many years to come.”

Péter Salamon, AI Product Owner & Machine Learning Engineer, said: “Congratulation to the team! Thank you for making it available for the public! Your work is a big contribution to AI developers and beyond!”

Shubham Shrivastava, Machine Learning and Computer Vision Research Scientist – Autonomous Vehicles at Ford Greenfield Labs, wrote: “Happy birthday to one of the most helpful libraries for AI applications in the recent history.”

Jeswanth G, PMP, an AI Team Lead at Elevate Tech, said, “Eagerly waiting for compatible PyTorch version for Mac M1 to use GPU.”

On a lighter note,  developers also used the opportunity to mock the recruiters who ask for unreasonable work experiences: 

Raviteja Kolapalli, Data Scientist || Data Engineer said, “Recruiters: 7+ years of experience using Pytorch.

Me: o_o”

James Horine, Quantitative Research Lead also said, “Average number of years of PyTorch experience required by recruiters? 7?”

PyTorch is a free and open-source software released under the Modified BSD license.  Adam Paszke, Soumith Chintala, Sam Gross, and Gregory Chanan worked on building the initial system and now has core maintainers, and a broader set of developers that directly merge pull requests and own various parts of the core codebase.

According to the official website, “PyTorch adopts a governance structure with a small set of maintainers driving the overall project direction with a strong bias towards PyTorch’s design philosophy where design and code contributions are valued,”

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