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Happy Engineer’s Day: Reskilling Is The Way Forward For India Inc

Happy Engineer’s Day: Reskilling Is The Way Forward For India Inc

From the builder of the Step Pyramid, Imhotep to Elon Musk, engineers have made a real impact on our day-to-day lives.  On Engineer’s Day, we evaluate how the role of engineers has evolved over these years.

Impact Of Emerging Technologies in Engineering

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, blockchain, among others have heavily impacted the industry over the past five years. Today, engineers are tasked with providing advanced approach in an organisation that can deliver a business impact and enhanced ROI.  In the future, job profiles like autonomous transportation specialists, technology advocates, augmented reality developers, etc. will be trending in IT sector.  

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How the skill-set has evolved 

As we know “Change is the only constant.” There was a time when programming skills and knowledge of  Java, C, among others, understanding the software models was enough to land a good job. With digital transformation becoming a buzzword in organisations, recruiters are looking to fill generalist and specialist roles in the market. These job roles command hefty packages and also require a well-rounded functional knowledge.

Most Hired Sector

Of late, recent news indicates that automation, especially on warehouse floors will cut down jobs. For now, it seems that these technologies have opened doors and opportunities to various job roles. According to sources, the Indian IT industry is expected to add around 2.5 lakh new jobs in 2019, further contributing to the growth of the sector. Areas where an uptake in hiring is expected are computer, mathematical, architecture and engineering-related fields. Currently, some of the prominent roles in demand are software developers, information security analysts, machine learning, mobility, cloud engineer, DevOps, network analyst, data scientist, data analyst, and cybersecurity experts.

Dark Side

Every coin has two sides. Due to the digitalisation, there has been a drastic change in the jobs in the IT sector. Recently, tech companies have been laying off employees in order to ramp up resources with a specialised skillset. 

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In May 2019, tech giant IBM laid off nearly 300 employees from its services division as the tech giant looked to “re-invent itself ” and meet the changing needs of customers. According to reports, a majority of these employees were in software services roles. They were let go as IBM focuses on emerging technology capabilities and reduces exposure to traditional services. 

Recently, popular food delivery startup, Zomato laid off 540 employees at its head office in Gurugram across its customer, merchant, and delivery partner support teams. The management team expanded the reason as it is due to the fact that the company is fast expanding and trying to optimise its costs through automation. 

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