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HarperDB Releases A Fully Managed & Hosted Cloud Offering

HarperDB Releases A Fully Managed & Hosted Cloud Offering

HarperDB Releases A Fully Managed & Hosted Cloud Offering

HarperDB has released HarperDB Cloud, a fully managed and hosted cloud offering. HarperDB can run on anything with an operating system, which allows clients to collect, process, and distribute data across their enterprise using the cloud, on-premises, or edge computing devices.

According to the company, HarperDB Cloud is a user-friendly database optimised for both transactional and analytical workloads. It has been built for developers of any skill level and fully managed by the company so that the developers can focus on the code that matters in driving value to your project.

HarperDB Cloud instances can be spun up in minutes, featuring a built-in API, ACID-compliant SQL and NoSQL capabilities, and standard interfaces for connecting to reporting and analysis tools. This is the first RESTful database truly built by developers for developers. 

According to Stephen Goldberg, CEO HarperDB said, “The goal of launching HarperDB Cloud was to make our already incredibly easy to use the product even easier. This launch is really focused on improving the developer’s experience and allowing them to focus on application development while letting us take care of data management and DevOps.”

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Developers have forever faced the complicated and frustrating decision of whether to sacrifice cost, capabilities, or performance when selecting a database. While many database products claim ease of use, they can quickly turn into a puzzling headache costing time, money, and productivity. 

HarperDB Cloud, on the other hand, can achieve the goals and scale with the organisation. HarperDB Cloud, a fully managed database-as-a-service solution, provides a simple and developer-friendly built-in API. HarperDB can scale vertically and horizontally and has a dynamic schema. Users can try it out for free, with 24/7 support. 
To avail the benefits of HarperDB Cloud, users need to create a free account and can upgrade instance sizes once in the HarperDB Admin Studio. HarperDB provides full documentation and resources such as technical blogs and knowledgebase articles.

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