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Top Five Text Summarization Tools

Top Five Text Summarization Tools

Text summarization

The vast wealth of data available online today has created a strange paradox – people may be drowning in information, but they still are starved of knowledge. With the internet generating billions of articles every day, it is difficult to keep up. Given this scenario, is there a way to take in information more efficiently without increasing reading time?

Text summarization tools might help.

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These automated tools help users to make sense of large volumes of text-based information by establishing key points in the document. What is more, the algorithm in some of these tools can also enable proofreading of these summaries, enabling users to spend that time in more productive ways.

While there are many tools that offer variations of this basic function, we have handpicked five that cumulatively packs in the most features:-

Summarize Bot

This AI and blockchain-powered tool allows users to know more by reading less with summarization of long texts. This includes entire Wikipedia articles, white papers, web pages, and even audio and images. It helps users save time during research by compressing texts. In addition to summary generation, it also condenses news, extracts keywords within texts, and allows users to customize summary lengths as well.

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How does it work? Users simply need to share the information via Facebook Messenger or Slack to get the results within seconds. What is more, Summarize Bot will soon come out with new features for users, including chat summaries, video summarization, as well as multi-document summarization. 


This tool generates accurate summaries of texts, allowing you to filter through documents by key topics, identify important facts and ideas, and interpret articles faster. By simply downloading the extension on their browsers, or by copying and pasting the text they wish to summarize here, users can get long articles summarized in just 500 words.

This text tool can be used by anyone, including students and professors, to interpret texts quickly, as well as journalists, to simplify information that summarizes major events and filter information found in press releases.


Programmed to condense an article in TXT or PDF formats to the most important sentences in just 7 seconds, SMMRY provides an efficient way of understanding information. Using its core algorithm, it eliminates transition phrases, unnecessary clauses, and excessive examples to give a topic-focused summary to users.

Reddit’s AutoTLDR bot also uses SMMRY to automatically produce short summaries of long Reddit submissions by following the list of prescribed rules mentioned above. 


This online platform provides summarization of web pages in a simple and straightforward format. What is more, there is an added advantage as it allows users to choose the number of sentences for the summary.

Simply input the URL of the article, or copy and paste the text into this field. It provides summarization of .net, PHP, Java and Python, among others.

Text Compactor

Text Compactor comes with a language-translation tool as well. What is more, in addition to generating text summaries, it also creates the possibility of different versions of these summarizations with the ‘summarization ratio’.
All users need to do is paste the text here and drag the slider to the percentage they would like it to be reduced. That is, they can change it from 5% to 80% and control the density of the paraphrasing. What is more, this slider is programmed to know how to deal with file names and numbers when generating this text.

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