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Here’s Why Great Lakes Big Data Analytics Program Is The Leading Analytics Training Of Choice

Here’s Why Great Lakes Big Data Analytics Program Is The Leading Analytics Training Of Choice

Richa Bhatia

In the high demand field of data and analytics, it is imperative to choose a course that gives the learner the knowledge and practical skills to develop deep analytical talent and transition successfully to an analytics job role. According to our research, Big Data and analytics industry in India is currently estimated to be $2.03 Billion annually in revenues, growing at a healthy rate of 23.8% CAGR and the industry is expected to double by 2020. In terms of jobs, the jobs market looks healthy with close to 50,000 positions related to analytics being currently available to be filled in India. The top leading organizations in terms of hiring are Amazon, Citi, HCL, Goldman Sachs, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Accenture, KPMG, E&Y and Capgemini.

However, to break into the field, one needs a program that is up-to-date with the latest and gives a comprehensive understanding of the use and implementation of data analytics in business settings with live datasets. Hands-on exposure and experiential learning can play a big role in shaping your understanding of data analytics. You need a program that teaches you to effectively design data models through advanced statistical and data programming techniques and gives you the opportunity for large-scale data analysis to discover meaningful patterns and trends. To top it all, a Capstone project serves as a real-world case study where learners apply their classroom learning and in addition, it also adds great weightage to the resume.

Great Learning in association with Great Lakes Institute of Management has rolled out the most exhaustive career-based Big Data Program – PGP-Big Data Analytics that offers practical knowledge one can use in the workplace. Backed by hands-on access to live datasets and cutting-edge analytics software in the 24*7 Big Data Lab, learners who wish to advance to the high-profile field can gain deep knowledge from acknowledged industry experts and renowned faculty who have significant experience in data and analytics field.

When it comes to picking the right program, it can be hard to choose the one that fits your needs and also advances your career. This is where the Big Data Program offered by Great Learning in association with Great Lakes Institute of Management differs from the rest of the programs. PGP-Big Data Analytics goes beyond tools and trains candidates on Big Data Technologies, Machine Learning, Visualization and Data Science models. The top B-school also has great ties with industry veterans, making it a great fit for those on the lookout for networking opportunities.  

Analytics India Magazine highlights top features of the programs  

India’s Most Exhaustive Big Data Program: With an increased focus on big data technology stack, the 12-month program equips learners with the latest big data tools and technologies in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Visualization with hands-on exposure by top faculty and industry experts. The course gives a thorough understanding of core statistical foundation, covering areas such as Descriptive and inferential statistics, Hypothesis testing and estimation, Predictive analytics – regression (Ordinary least squares, multiple   linear, logistic).


24*7 Access to Big Data Lab (Access to Big Data Lab for hands-on exposure: All the technology tools for data ingestion, processing, analysis and visualization are stably installed, maintained and hosted for the learners to access at any time for assignments and the Capstone project. The tools include – Big Data Tools (Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig, etc.) – Visualization Tools such as Tableau and Gephi – Programming Environments such as Python and R.

Career Services: Great Lakes has an active internal jobs board and a huge industry connect. Also, students are offered structural support, wherein predecessors come and share their job experience. There are career workshops and industry sessions on resume building. Students can also explore opportunities by industry partners wherein specific roles in leading companies are filled as per need basis.


Capstone Project: Capstone project has a lot of potential benefits for learners and can help them build their work portfolio. It not only helps them apply classroom learning to real life settings and support collaborative student engagement, a data science project also boosts the employability of the student and gives hands-on experience of solving business problem.  Remember, employers prefer candidates who have demonstrated experience working with large datasets.

Experiential Learning: Knowing the fundamentals and tools is only half the challenge. The main emphasis is on solving real-world business problems. During the course of the program, students get hands-on exposure and experiential learning through Capstone Project, real world case studies, 24*7 Big Data Lab with Data Sets, Industry guest lectures, and webinars. Candidates get exposed to different technologies like Hadoop, R, Python, Pig, and Hive.

Industry Perspective Lectures: At Great Learning, one can tap into the vast industry network and gain exposure by interacting with industry experts working on Big Data tools and technologies. While a lot of data science is about big data tools and technologies, candidates who are preferred the most are those who can solve business problems and not just run a clean and mung data. The industry guests and mentors fill the gap between theory and practice by sharing with candidates current business problems through practical case studies and examples.

Corporate Partners: The program has been co-created and delivered by senior industry professionals as well as Great Lakes faculty. And it is definitely anchored in real-world with experiential learning that extends beyond classroom with case studies, self-paced projects, assignments and access to big data lab. The curriculum will help learners gain a deep understanding of the entire data value chain – the flow of information from inception to analysis to insight – that is essential to drawing insights from big data.

Blended Learning: Aimed at working professionals, the program is delivered in a blended learning format that allows learners to pursue their day job with minimal disruption and also make time for studies around the work schedule. The classroom sessions are assisted by online webinars, discussions, and assignment that keep your learning continuous and cumulative.

Last Word

There are a host of big data programs in the market that offer quick fix short-term courses, however most lack the credentials, faculty and industry heft to give learners the ROI and eventually translate into lucrative jobs. Before diving into a program and investing money upfront, one must understand that analytics is a broad field and the best school for analytics training is one that offers a comprehensive, well-rounded education with an emphasis on the business side as well. PGP-Big Data Analytics offered by Great Learning in association with Great Lakes Institute of Management boasts of renowned faculty members who have clinched coveted spots amongst the Top 10 academicians in India. Besides, the vast alumni network underpins the program’s success and a clear sign that it helps learners evolve into hands-on data analyst rather than just adding a bunch of analytical skills to the resume. And that’s why the Great Lakes Big Data Analytics program is the leading choice for professionals who want to transition to data science.

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