Here’s Why You Must Attend The DLDC 2020 — The Deep Learning Conference Of The Year

Here’s Why You Must Attend The DLDC 2020 — The Deep Learning Conference Of The Year

Organised by the Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci), DLDC 2020, or also known as the Deep Learning DevCon 2020, is another conference of the year that is hosted in partnership with Analytics India Magazine. Scheduled for 29th and 30th October, DLDC will bring together the leading experts and best minds of deep learning and machine learning industry from around the world. This two-day conference will witness an exciting lineup of extraordinary speakers, interesting talks and practical hands-on that will be interesting for professionals of this field as well for the students and enthusiasts who are looking to kickstart their deep learning career.

Organised by a premier global professional body of data science and machine learning professionals — ADaSci, this event will be the first-of-its-kind virtual conference on deep learning. With deep learning becoming one of the most advancing technologies in the world — from being used in the fields of natural language processing to making self-driving cars — this deep learning conference will aim at bridging the gap between the latest technological advancements in the research area and real-world applications of the same.

If you are ready to understand how to apply deep learning to your businesses, this conference is a must-attend. In this article, we will share a few more reasons as to why you should attend DLDC 2020. 

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A conference filled with class-apart talks and sessions

With 40 speakers from across the globe, DLDC 2020 will be a phenomenal conference that has been designed to bring out cutting edge deep learning content for the attendees. DLDC 2020, a first-of-its-kind conference, will encompass a range of topics presented in the form of tech talks and sessions over the two days by some of the brilliant minds of the field. Not only attendees will be able to gain knowledge but will be able to do that at the comfort of their houses. Along with 16 hours of comprehensive learning of this complex field, DLDC also promises to help in getting the best out of your businesses using deep learning.

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Chance to network with the deep learning community

Apart from learning, conferences are the best way to network and meet and build a community of similar interests. Not only will it allow you to get in touch with leading industry experts but will also provide a chance for the attendees to meet other fellows of the industry. And that’s where Deep Learning DevCon opens the door for attendees. Being the first-of-its-kind deep learning conference, DLDC 2020, will act as the best platform for attendees to make connections that will benefit them in future. The conference allows attendees to have one-on-one sessions with these leaders and to showcase their work and discuss the industry. The conference will have a lot to give, both in terms of gaining knowledge as well as networking in the field.

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Learn various use cases of deep learning

Being one of the emerging fields of machine learning, deep learning is currently being well researched as well as been applied in various verticals. This conference will be a gateway for attendees to understand those use cases and witness this fantastic tech doing wonders for businesses. With some of the leading personalities, researchers and companies from the deep learning field at the event will provide a comprehensive insight into how businesses from different verticals are leveraging deep learning in their workflow; giving attendees a chance to attend different perspectives of other companies with this technology. Further, this will also provide them with ideas to create more innovation in this technology.

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Full-day hands-on workshop

Although tech talks and sessions are extremely important for professionals as well as amateur deep learning practitioners, workshops are the best way to grasp knowledge in this domain. And that’s why DLDC 2020 will host a full-day workshop, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, on deep learning where developing deep learning models will be discussed along with applying these models in real-life applications. Starting from sessions like the introduction to deep learning, machine learning vs deep learning and introduction to deep learning frameworks or neural networks to more advanced sessions like sequence modelling, style transfer using TensorFlow HUB Module, deep autoencoders or convolutional autoencoders, DLDC has it all. By the end of the workshop, attendees will have an understanding of the concept of deep learning and its application in various fields.

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Explore hiring opportunities

Job crisis has created havoc now more than ever. Both companies, as well as professionals, are looking for opportunities; however, the massive skills gap reduces the possibilities severely. And then comes DLDC 2020 — it is a platform which provides an opportunity for professionals and enthusiasts to update and upskill themselves, as well as companies to carry out hiring interactions with professionals of their preferred choice. It’s a win-win for both. The two-day event will be a chance for professionals and young enthusiasts to showcase their skills to some of the leading company leaders and create a possibility for themselves to shine in front of their potential employers.

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Learn from international researchers of the field

Among 40+ speakers at DLDC, there is an exciting lineup of prominent researchers from around the world who have been an active part of developing exciting techniques in the deep learning field. Starting from Dongsuk Hong, Senior Researcher at Korea Credit Information Services(KCIS) to Konstantin Yakovlev, the Project Manager at Back2Space FZE and Kaggle Grandmaster and Raul Villamarin Rodriguez, the Dean of the School of Business at Woxsen University, DLDC 2020 will hosts many experienced speakers from this area. DLDC 2020 will act as an excellent opportunity for attendees to understand the field of deep learning from the best minds around the world.

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Paper presentations from renowned researchers

In addition to tech talks, sessions and workshops, DLDC 2020 will also see some exciting paper presentations from researchers in the deep learning field. The purpose of the event is to promote and advance research in the deep learning field, and with several renowned researchers exchanging their scientific ideas on this platform, it will be an event never to miss for anybody. DLDC 2020 called for papers from across the world and provided scope for them to showcase the same at the event, once selected. The selected papers that made-the-cut highlighted some of the important applications of deep learning concerning healthcare, sustainability, transportation, and commerce. 

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The virtual deep learning conference — DLDC 2020 is aiming to host a massive number of 500 attendees along with some of the significant researchers, prominent leaders and some of the best minds of the industry. Thus the event will create an environment where some exciting technological conversations can take place. Further, the event will be a perfect platform for large tech companies to talk and showcase their leading innovations in the field of deep learning. DLDC 2020 will be an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn and understand these latest tech offerings as well as the new trends of the industry.

Know more about DLDC here.

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