Hiring, Freezes & Layoffs: AIM’s Community Initiative To Track Job Trends In India’s Tech Industry Amid Ongoing Recession

Announcing our community-driven initiative that lists down tech companies in India that are hiring, freezing or doing layoffs as the global recession looms.

More than 150 nations have been witnessing the human and economic brunt brought by the novel coronavirus. In India, the lockdown has not only led to serious hurdles for businesses and startups but also caused a full-fledged recession in multiple sectors. 

Employees are growing to become afraid of losing their jobs in this phase of recession. We already know that five lakh people became jobless in India between October to December 2008 during the previous recession. 

Given the current grim economic scenario, workers in the tech sector may witness layoffs in the coming weeks. Clearly, there is an unprecedented difficulty that technology firms and startups ought to bear in the following months if COVID-19 is not contained. 

For those working in technology-related businesses, there are fears as COVID-19 is breaking down the global supply chains and choking all aspects of life. Yet, we at Analytics India Magazine are optimistic about the future and job prospects in our fast-developing nation. 

Access the initiative, here.

Why It Is Critical To Track Hiring Trends In India’s Tech Sector

While most analysts predict that the economic slowdown may decelerate hiring, it’s still crucial to keep a close tab on what’s happening across various tech firms.

We know that the influence of tech and IT companies is quite substantial in the Indian economy. So, during the time of healthy economic growth, those companies tend to experience the most number of job vacancies and vice versa witness the most amount of layoffs during the recession. 

From historical data, we know that recessions lead to some businesses to fail faster, whereas others find it as an opportunity to grow faster.  While some companies and startups are expected to announce job cuts, other Indian IT units could consider freezing the hiring process. At the same time, companies that do not want to compromise their growth due to the lockdown may continue to announce job vacancies. 

Access the initiative, here.

Community Submissions: Tell Us What Your Company Is Upto

Although there are no certain ways for you to protect your employment during a recession, it’s still helpful to be informed of what is happening within your company, your job function and the sector in which you are employed. 

It may be the best time to track job losses, hiring and freezes in the country alongside the routine study of job growth. We have launched a new initiative where we are compiling a list of companies freezing, still hiring or announcing layoffs. With this community initiative, let us together stay aware of all the hirings and firings taking place in the Indian technology ecosystem. 

The technology sector is most critical to track and with a coordinated effort, we are keeping note and visualising the hiring trends in the coming weeks.  If your company or startup is laying off staff during these difficult times, we would appreciate it if you let the community know. If you are a tech recruiter who is looking to hire fresh talent or will continue to hire regardless of the economic condition, we would love to know you’re doing great!

With this, we hope you participate in this community-driven initiative to capture the firms that are hiring, pausing and laying-off during this time. Do share the credible information that you have and keep everyone informed. As members of India’s tech community, let’s together contribute and record all of that and see the extent of job cutbacks, freezes and hirings amid COVID-19 restrictions. 

Here’s the complete list of tech companies in India that are hiring, freezing or downsizing.

Hopefully, this may serve helpful to all the tech fraternity in India. For any queries and tips, do email us at info@analyticsindiamag.com

Disclaimer: The submissions are generated through a community-driven initiative. Therefore, user-generated submissions may not be verified by Analytics India Magazine. If you notice a factual error, immediately write to us at info@analyticsindiamag.com

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Vishal Chawla
Vishal Chawla is a senior tech journalist at Analytics India Magazine and writes about AI, data analytics, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and blockchain. Vishal also hosts AIM's video podcast called Simulated Reality- featuring tech leaders, AI experts, and innovative startups of India.

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