Guide To Hive AI – The Full Stack Deep Learning Platform

Hive is a full-stack AI company providing solutions in computer vision and deep learning-based industry-specific use-cases.

Hive is a full-stack AI company providing solutions in computer vision and deep learning-based industry-specific use-cases. Launched in 2013 by Kevin Guo and Dmitriy Karpman,  headquartered in San Francisco, US. Hive is focused on AI powering solutions and data labelling. Hive has four specialized operations in the business: Hive Data, HivePredict, Hive Media, Spaces by Hive. Hive’s deep learning platform helps companies monitor the machine learning workflow. Hive offers pre-trained models as well as custom model development services to help customers’ with their own use cases.

Hive has the world’s largest distributed platform with over 2 million workers spread over 150 countries helping research labs, and enterprise clients generate high-quality ground truth datasets in fields like automating media, retail, security, and autonomous driving applications. Hive believes in offering AI-as-a-service platform, to leverage the true power of AI into enterprises. In 2020, Fast Company included Hive in its annual list for the ‘World’s Most Innovative Company’ category. Today, Hive has over 120 team members across two offices in San Francisco and New Delhi. Hive has two android apps in Google Play Store one for crowdsourcing named Hive Work (to work on data labelling and earn compensations) and the other named Hive AI for offering quick services to clients. Hive provides excellent demos of their service models. Users can also upload their own data and check the predictions.


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Hive Data allows data labelling along with training models. Data labelling has a variety of options like the categorization of different data labels, bounding boxes, polygons, semantic segmentation, cuboids, keypoints, lines, principal axes rotation, timestamp, contours, transcriptions. The entire workflow can be managed along with client discussion and feedback, followed by production and final delivery.

Hive Predict is our set of proprietary visual, audio, and text models that solve problems like the identification of celebrities and logos, OCR and speech to text. Hive believes in the Model-as-a-Service approach starting from data sourcing, data labelling, data training and lastly deployment that produce high quality, customizable, scalable and flexible integration.

Hive Media, through which Hive is producing the world’s largest television analytics dataset for media companies, marketing agencies and advertisers.

Flagship platform in media with a partnership with Bain & Company called Mensio combines the power of the most advanced computer vision technology with unique datasets that provide high-quality AI-powered content and insights.

Spaces by Hive has recently been added as a modular suite of AI-powered vision solutions on surveillance. This provides contactless services in public spaces. Present in casinos, malls, parks, restaurants and hotels, retailers, field operations. They are benefiting in more safety and customer satisfaction. 

Use Cases

  • Logo identification
  • Moderation Suite – User Content Flagging and Monitoring, Moderation Workflow Management, Realtime Livestream Moderation
  • Brand Safety Monitoring – Sponsorship analytics for brands, brand valuation for agencies and analytics platforms, insights of social media content, brand infringement prevention.
  • Receipt Parsing
  • Ad Identification
  • Contextual Ad Delivery
  • Planogram Compliance – Inventory management, pricing analysis, visual merchandising, assortment planning.
  • Meeting Transcription automatically transcribes speeches, conversations, and meetings using speech-to-text.

API Service

Hive sells APIs to companies for the incorporation of their models into business workflows. Access to the Hive API is possible through API keys. Each project has a unique API key associated with it that identifies the project. The project API key needs to be included via HTTP Basic Auth with all API requests to the server.

Partnered Companies

Bain & Company, Walmart, Reddit, Hookit, Yubo, YOLO, Turner, WarnerMedia, 6ix0ero5ive.

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