Homegrown Label Bacca Bucci introduces AI in footwear

This technology gives the brand insights to forecast the upcoming trends, colours, choices and design. Based on the outcomes, their designers are able to decide the new launches.
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The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering & a work of art

Leonardo da Vinci

Born in Delhi, Bacca Bucci (baa-ka: bu-ki) is a footwear label for people with a distinct style. They take inspiration from the global runway and the local fashion scene to create a colourfully eclectic range of footwear and accessories, allowing people to breathe new life into their wardrobes with a bold and bright design.

“We have invested our effort and time in the footwear industry after going through a bunch of analytical report files and a lot of research data because footwear doesn’t have any specific season. It is like a mood, an emotion,” says Anuj Nevatia, Co-Founder & Director at Bacca Bucci. “We have always had the vision of sounding best with the best of everything we can provide. Even today, after nine years of success, the mission and vision stand tall and straight with the flags waving high.”

Bacca Bucci’s ethos is centred around varierty, quality, and cost leadership. The digital-first brand strives to constantly introduce funky designs, ensure enduring fit and finish, and source material directly from the manufacturers. Combining this with a region-centric approach, they aim to position India as a global footwear leader.

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Though they offer shoes catering to the needs of teens and adults alike, Bacca Bucci primarily focuses on categories wherein the “youth” strike the top-most list. The motive is to cover up a larger number of audiences with the best effort, least hassles and better future opportunities.

“We have something for everyone, each product being region-centric”

Anuj Nevatia

For instance, they have high-end fashion pop colour sneakers for urban customers, snow boots from folks Kashmir/Northeast, and sports shoes for plus-size feet. 

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A touch of tech

With a focus on technology and quality, the company is fully aware of India’s potential to disrupt the global market for high-end footwear. The brand uses technology to eliminate size-related issues by testing various Indian foot types and sizes. It also employs data analytics to analyse customer feedback and make appropriate changes. Furthermore, by introducing new payment methods, such as BNPL (Buy-Now-Pay-Later), they are alleviating customers’ transactional concerns.

Bacca Bucci is a staunch supporter of ‘Make in India.’ They believe that India is a land of opportunities when it comes to producing high-quality footwear. The brand is now working to incorporate ‘Made in India’ innovations and technology into its products to cater to today’s quintessential stylish people who are personality and trend-conscious.

Enter AI

Most recently, Bacca Bucci announced that it is dealing with design-related challenges with the help of AI. “Designing has benefitted from AI. This technology gives the brand insights to predict the upcoming trends, colours, choices and design. Based on the outcomes, their designers can decide the new launches,” says Nevatia.

The AI system can track market structure and focus on targeting consumer needs with in-depth analytical data and records and gives us an insight report. This is handy for product design, marketing and creativity plans, and customer service.

The AI system provides opportunities for augmenting human creativity. Campaigns can be designed to deliberate the purpose of the right timing, experience, and place. The best customer experience comes from amalgamating machine-driven analytics and human creativity. This results in better revenues and higher profitability.

“AI has mass market potential and various segmented tools for better functioning. It drives down the time taken for a process/task to complete. We aspire to inspire the whole process of working and making it entirely AI-driven. If it gets done, things can be more automatic, rigid, active, and processed systematically. Just like any purpose-built and lightweight automation, a complete process understanding, including process design, can be made to work,” says Nevatia. “When I think of the future, I think of growth, better opportunities, expansion of industry and market, and possibly dealing with every relatable service.”

The Road ahead

Over the last year, Bacca Bucci has served more than five million Gen Z and millennials. They target to close the current FY 22-23 at 100% YoY. Bacca Bucci aims to continue growing as one of India’s best and oldest D2C brands. Having registered a pan-India presence, the company is now eyeing big overseas expansion, starting with baccabucci.ae in UAE and other nations. 

The brand also takes pride in being environment-conscious, doing its bit to create sustainable products. It will soon be launching styles which will be made of completely recycled plastics and rubbers. Meanwhile, they have already stopped using single-use plastics for packaging and hope to be a 100 percent single-use plastic-free brand by December 2022.

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