How AI Can Improve Your SEO


Marketing is popularly considered a vital tool to boost businesses since it helps in gaining the attention of consumers. Over time, marketing has witnessed the use of different tools to overcome the challenges in the domain. In recent times, artificial intelligence (AI) in particular has emerged as a crucial tool in this area. 

Once associated with ideas from science fixtures such as robotics, automation and others, AI has now entered every domain and has been playing a significant role. From creating recommendations on Flipkart to automating check-outs, AI has been spearheading the digital marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) revolution in e-commerce. AI or machine learning (ML) helps determine how a search engine assesses and ranks down web pages on the list. Furthermore, they also provide a chance to create better content.

Content Creation

The generation of content depends on the data available at hand, which a company derives through customer insights and information. This is possible with the help of AI. Through the usage of data and insights, an organization can create the right message to reach a particular segment of the audience.


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This step further allows an organization to create more cohesive content strategies to improve SEO success. One particular organization that deserves mention here is KIA motors. The company has collaborated with Influential, which uses AI to help direct organizations to relevant influencers.

ML can be put to good use when it comes to identifying ranking potential. One can take a look at data provided by SEMrush, which analyzes the keywords that are already ranked high in the market. To stand out among competitors, an organization can find synonyms of the keywords to project themselves at higher ranks.

Improving snippets continue to be another essential aspect in creating content that will reach a large audience, and is as important as Google’s ML algorithm, which determines how relevant the subjects are on a website.

As per Backlingo’s Google RankBrain: The Definitive Guide, Google looks at four main pointers. This includes organic click-through rate, dwell time, bounce rate, and pogo-sticking. These pointers help in understanding the number of users who click on a given search result, keep a note how the time users spend on the website, and how many users immediately leave the website after entering it. The data allows a website to create more appealing content to keep users glued to the website.



From a consumer point of view, there could be nothing better than an organization that serves exactly what a consumer wants, allowing the user to relate with the organization. In today’s generation, consumers want to know if an organization is thinking about them while introducing a new product or service in the market. Due to this reason, personalization is crucial, which also gives a boost to SEO.

As per a report, 79% of organizations have gone above and beyond their revenue targets due to a documented personalization strategy that occurs through the implementation of smart bespoke engines capable of understanding a consumer’s intent.

Automation-based marketing tools such as HubSpot or UserFox can also help an organization boost its marketing charts. A method such as Drip Campaigning also plays an important role when it comes to playing a personalized role. For example, Alibaba uses consumer data to put out recommendations and lucrative digital storefronts.

Google’s algorithm update BERT takes the game forward. It tries to understand the intent of the searcher by focusing more on concepts rather than keywords. Marketers can learn about the impact of Rainbrain and BERT created by paying close attention to SERPs. 

Search Engines

Search engines such as Google are continuously working on improving their algorithm to better match what people search for online. For example, Google’s Rainbrain is an ML-based search algorithm that allows Google to process search results. The algorithm uses ML to teach itself with the help of search data history, and user behaviour to zero-in on relevant results to a user’s queries.

With every new update Google makes in its algorithm, marketing teams need to update their strategies as well. Google’s adding more context to search provides accurate results as per people’s needs, along with the use of image search and voice search. Moving forward, tools such as Yoast and Moz enables a marketing team to choose keywords, manage content and fully optimize the web page of an organization to drive more traffic.

Smart Content

The duo of AI and SEO allows handling reputation management along with the team of marketers to automatically get notified for being mentioned on any social media using HubSpot or Buzzomo. Several tools exist for SEO, and when it comes to content, ContentGeniusFX is a leading software used by IBM Watson for content generation. Another mechanism that goes by the name Atomic Reach provides analytics tracking for content. 

Up next, the linked article is written by an algorithm, a smart way of generating automatic content which is often used by companies such as Associated Press and Yahoo. The use of chatbots cannot be kept on the sidelines since chatbots have become an integral part of serving consumers through its quasi conversation feature. Last but not least, the use of predictive intelligence also allows an organization to curate customized and smart content for its audience.  

Future Direction

With the amount of contribution AI has made to provide better SEO rankings, it will further evolve and adapt to the consumer’s taste. From finding the right keywords to sending out emails, AI has influenced SEO and allowed marketing teams to understand the correct components, such as pay-per-click advertising, web design and social media marketing. Just like the present time, blogging and data-tracking will be seen through the lens of an AI-enabled SEO.

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