How Artificial Intelligence Is Empowering A New Generation Of Smart Hand-Held Devices

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have been around for a while, and have made their presence felt in a wide range of domains including healthcare, travel, media, and retail, among many others. Mobile technology has also shown its capability to leverage the power of AI from powering its cameras which enable users to take smart photographs, to having applications that can take users to a virtual world. AI has paved a new path for the evolution of technology, bringing more power to mobile devices.

AI In Mobile Industry

AI is becoming more mobile than it used to, as smaller devices are packing up with more computational power. Most mobile phones at present are capable of leveraging the power of AI to some extent which is only expected to grow in the future. The introduction of AI to mobile devices brought about a new generation of smart devices. Here is a list of new technologies in smartphones that came up with the introduction of AI:

  • Smart cameras: Smartphone cameras have changed significantly since the introduction of AI into mobile devices. From serving as a tool for taking photographs to be used for Facial recognition. Modern smartphones are capable of using its camera to identify subjects.
  • In-built language translation: Natural language processing is one area where AI shows its true power. From suggesting words to forming a sentence, to translate languages in real time, smartphones can use real-time voice input without having to connect to the internet.
  • Improved Mobile Applications: The application development for mobile platforms has improved and today it is possible to create apps that leverage AI with no more than the same effort required to build a traditional application. Voice assistant apps like Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana are some examples of applications that use AI to improve user experiences
  • Security On Mobile Devices: Security is one of the important features that is mostly emphasized on present generation devices. With AI security has a different meaning for mobile devices. AI has set new standards that define security by introducing complicated but fast authentication methods like face recognition, iris scanning etc.

Most of the smartphone manufacturers have already entered the AI era adding exciting features to their flagship devices. Let’s look at the most popular smartphone brands that emphasize having AI technologies in their devices:

  • Apple: Apple’s iPhone X comes with an out of the box ‘face ID’ feature that creates a 3D model of the users face and is capable of identifying the user even in low light conditions.
  • Samsung: Samsung’s Bixby is a virtual assistant software that is also capable of identifying items through the device camera.
  • Google: Google’s popular photos app for iOS and Android-powered by artificial intelligence, can help to find groups of photos with the same person, or find all of the photos and classify them according to the content.
  • Huawei: The first mobile manufacturer to introduce a dedicated AI chip for smartphones. The neural network processing unit in its flagship models power a number of imaging, power efficiency, and security features.


The demand for mobile devices including smartphones is on the rise. The coming generation of devices is expected to pack more processing power. The application of AI is only limited by the availability of technology and hence future devices will only come up with more sophisticated features that make use of AI and ML to improve the user experience.

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Amal Nair
A Computer Science Engineer turned Data Scientist who is passionate about AI and all related technologies. Contact:

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