How Automation Startup EzySlips Is Streamlining Order Management & Fulfillment For E-commerce Sellers

The challenge for brands to sell online is to be able to scale efficiently. For that one needs to have robust and efficient back office automation system. This is where an automation startup EzySlips helps with online e-commerce companies.

Founded in August 2015, EzySlips is a multi-channel fulfilment automation solution that was conceived with a vision to make the order processing system more efficient for e-commerce store owners and sellers. Curious Dose talked to the Founder of EzySlips, Gaurav Gupta, to know more about the startup.

The Story Behind

The founders of EzySlips wanted to empower the e-commerce merchants and the seller community with technology. They wanted to help these sectors to automate their fulfilment and order management using automation. They use the technology that helps their clients to serve customers very efficiently. By doing so, it also allows businesses to scale their business.


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Before Ezyslips entered the market, most back-office operations were done using Excel or manually. EzySlips automate all the back office functions related to e-commerce. These automation processes involve order management, order fulfilment, tracking of shipment, returns management and getting feedback from customers. The services given by EzySlips allow e-commerce businesses to focus on their core competencies such as product selection and merchandising.

In the beginning, a major challenge that they faced was integrating their software with the parameters of third-party systems. Every courier has different parameters, the integration of which was a challenge. It works on a technology that is integrated with third-party technologies of couriers which proved challenging because most couriers don’t have API or proper documentation of their own. Another challenge that it faced was that there was a vast spectrum of requirements of the clients that they had to fulfil. They created products around the most common standards and this is how they solved this challenge and met the requirements of most of their clients. Today, merchants ship 150 crore rupees worth of orders using EzySlips technology shipping 1 million orders or 35,000 orders and earn revenues of font 40 lakh every month.

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Tech Used By EzySlips

EzySlips has a total of 40 employees with a different set of skills. 60 per cent of the team at the startup is part of engineering and product development. The remaining team is in the department of sales and support.

Hiring an efficient and appropriate set of candidates is always a challenge in any startup. EzySlips faced the same challenge in the beginning. But they were finally able to get all the employees that they wished to get onboard. Funding was also a challenge and it restricted how much they would spend on marketing. They solved this problem by developing a plug and play plug-ins for other products which helped onboard clients.

Being in the automation space, EzySlips consider Unicommerce and Vinicolumn as their two primary competitors.

The Ease That Comes With Automation

It is becoming easier for brands to sell directly to consumers through their online stores because the technology barrier that prevented brands from selling directly to consumers has now been nearly shattered because of online stores. Before this, selling directly to consumers demanded the establishment of a big team.

Today there are a number of third-party systems that offer services that earlier could only be done by hiring large teams. Also, systems like Shopify and Magento help build online stores while systems offered by Ezyslips help processes and ship orders as efficiently as possible. All this makes it easier for brands to directly sell to consumers. Backend processes are still a hurdle for online stores and hence online stores still find it challenging to deliver products once they receive an order.

This is where systems by EzySlips are of tremendous help because they remove every hurdle a business may face after it has received an order. What earlier could be done with a workforce of dozens can now be done far better with just a handful of workers equipped with the right software. This is why it’s become easier for brands to sell directly to customers.    

Talking about how the Retail Industry has been benefited from automated shipping, Mr Gupta said that brands face a number of challenges when they start selling online. One challenge is figuring out how to manage hundreds and thousands of daily couriers. Managing this using manpower and software that isn’t automated is very difficult. Every shipment has to reach its buyer and a seller has to know where each shipment is and which shipments are being returned. Managing such complexity isn’t easy without automated software that helps oversee everything. Sellers who don’t use automated shipping especially face challenges when they try to scale up.        

Roadmap Ahead

As of 2019, the startup is aiming to launch its services to other countries and grow at least 5 times bigger. Their long-term future plans include building a one-stop solution for all back-office operations. In other words, they want to develop an ERP that handles all back-office operations for e-commerce companies. The company expects to grow 10 fold over the next 12 months and within 6 months to have a presence in South East Asia.   

As of today, EzySlips supports order management, returns management and fulfilment automation. They want to integrate all these services with all e-commerce service providers and make Ezyslips a one-stop solution that e-commerce players can use to cater to all their back-office operations needs.

According to Mr Gupta, the startup expects to integrate Ezyslips with their client’s accounting software like QuickBooks, which is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. He said, “We will also integrate our software with leading inventory management systems as well as the Warehouse management software.” Hence Ezyships will be a complete ERP to manage back-office operations involved in retail or e-commerce businesses.

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