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How Covid-19 Crisis Can Work In Your Favour When Starting A Career In Data Science

While Covid-19 has created a panic situation in most industries and mass layoffs has become a common scenario, the data science and analytics segments of most industries will see unfaltering growth despite the challenges. Many companies across the globe are still hiring for data science roles, which sets a positive tone for professionals in the field. We recently covered an article on how tech giants such as IBM, Microsoft and Wipro are hiring for various job roles in data science. It indicates that despite all the ruckus, there still are chances that you might end up with your dream data science job.

One of the most significant advantages of analytics and data science jobs is that it can be accomplished from home. So while the economic downturn is affecting most industries, chances of data science jobs being affected are quite low. Another significant factor that works in favour of a data science career is a fact that many researchers are now exploring machine learning, NLP and AI to tackle the global pandemic. Companies and researchers are looking to fight Covid-19 with data and numbers as they develop tools and techniques to detect it, ensure social distancing, and for screening and diagnosis purposes. 


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In this article, we will explore some of the steps that you can follow to work through the Covid-19 crisis when starting a career in data science:

Upskill Yourself By Taking Up Relevant Courses

With the current lockdown and work from home options in place, there is now an opportunity to take up data science and machine learning courses that have always intrigued you, but which you could not pursue. These skills and courses can help accelerate your career by equipping you with skills that will give you easy access to the industry.

There are many courses by leading universities and companies that you can take up to get the best understanding of the concepts. Some of the skills that will get data scientists hired post-Covid-19 world are computer vision, geospatial technology, data storytelling, NLP, explainable AI, and more. Adding up these skills will help you start your career in data science amid this crisis as companies are now looking to hire professionals with knowledge of advanced skills.

Update CV & Professional Websites

As many companies look for data science candidates, this is a perfect opportunity to get spotted by some of them. Utilise this time to update your resume and display the best of your skills to catch recruiters’ attention. It is also advisable to upgrade your professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn and GitHub, to let recruiters know of the data science skills you pose.

Fill up every section, add a photo, add capabilities, follow notable people in the industry and join relevant groups to increase your chances of being recruited. Once your CV and other professional details are ready, it is time to send out applications to open jobs frequently. It is one of the best times for data science professionals to start looking for opportunities that they have been waiting for. 

Apply For Data Science Internships

While the scenario might look challenging, there are many internship opportunities for aspiring data scientists to apply in the current situation. We recently listed 10 data science internships that are available for aspiring data scientists to apply during Covid-19.

Internships might come as one of the best ways to kickstart your career in this highly competitive field. It will not only give you relevant experience to apply for full-time positions, but there are also high chances the interning company absorbs you after successful completion of your internship. There are many companies such as Amazon, SixSense, GreenTech and more that are looking for data science interns.

Attend Virtual Meetups & Conferences

The coronavirus pandemic has provided a perfect opportunity to save up travel costs and attend some of the best conferences across the globe virtually, and still be able to connect to data science professionals and make yourself noticed for a potential job.

There are many upcoming conferences such as Rising and Computer Vision DevCon that provide a platform for networking and interacting one-to-one without the need to be physically present at the conference. Apart from networking with various companies, it is also the best way to upgrade yourself in trending technologies. 

Speak To Experts & Mentors

This is also the right time to connect with leading data science professionals and experts. They will be able to guide you through the nuances of setting up a foot in the industry, or help you transition into a better role and opportunities.

The AIM Mentoring Circle is one such platform which can be used to connect with noted data science professionals and understand how to make a career in data science. No one better than an experienced mentor to guide you through what kind of skills to acquire, what type of job roles to apply for, what kind of courses to take up and most importantly, how to make a career in the data science field.

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