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Deep Dive: How Fintech Firm XPay.Life Is Taking AI & ML To Rural India

Deep Dive: How Fintech Firm XPay.Life Is Taking AI & ML To Rural India


The increase of mobile applications has provided an ample amount of opportunities to different kinds of industries in India. One of the sectors that has benefited the most with the increasing use of mobile is Fintech. The Fintech industry has adopted mobile apps aggressively, with digital applications that help exchange money between two parties without any cash being involved. Furthermore, with the Indian Government pushing for a cashless economy, Fintech platforms have benefitted even more.

However, it seems that initiatives like ‘Cashless India’ and ‘Digital India’ have been mostly successful in urban cities only (65%). Nearly 80% of the rural population still primarily use cash. Also, many of these online transactions in urban cities involve bill payments to avoid standing in queues. This is not the case in rural areas.

With the vision to make life simpler by providing a one-stop digital solution in the bill payment space, XPay.Life is the latest offering from XIPHIAS. The company has a decade-long expertise in providing bill payment solutions through touchscreen kiosks.

For this week’s Deep Dive column, we got in touch with XPay.Life’s Co-Founder, COO/CTO Bohitesh Mishra to discuss its growth and how the company uses AI and ML in their products and services.

About The Company’s Growth

XPay.Life was founded in June 2019 by Rohit Kumat (CEO) and Bohitesh Misra (COO and CTO). XPay.Life is a BBPS/NPCI assured agent institution which provides both B2B and B2C services. Through the years, XPay.Life has moved from prototyping products like Xpay Life Mobile App, Online web, Mobile Van, ATP Kiosk and PoS machine, to launch them into services across their customers.

These products have been well-received by their customers. This is demonstrated by Rs 100 crore monthly bill payment collection transactions on their Touch Screen ATP Kiosk. This number comes from a single biller from Jaipur. In future, XPay.Life intends to add 253 billers at their collection points across India. 

Use Of AI and ML

XPay.Life uses AI to cluster the customer’s bill payment behavior and promote their services accordingly. Further, they leverage machine learning (ML) methods to identify any fraudulent and suspicious transactions.

AI is also used to alert customers about the next payment that is due. XPay.Life uses ML outlier methods to identify any fraudulent activity or suspicious transaction. Upon identifying such transactions, these are immediately blocked and rejected by the system. The ML algorithms on their platform help XPay.Life fight such fraudulent transactions. XPay.Life also has bots on their platforms to interact with customers. In fact, the company claims that often customers cannot tell when they are interacting with bots or human agents when getting their complaints and queries addressed.

XPay.Life also uses engines to help them schedule their mobile vans for collection of customer bills in tier-2 and tier-3 cities, and even in some villages. These engines also help them optimize the travel path of these vehicles.

XPay.Life’s Products, Training Model & Hiring Processes

XPay.Life’s USP is bill payment through Touch Screen ATP Kiosk, PoS machine and Mobile Van, which accepts cash as a digital payment. XPay.Life has an integrated blockchain-based payment gateway for ensuring the complete security of these transactions.

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As for the training model, the company follows security based on the AMBIC model, that is, AI, Mobility, Blockchain, IoT and Cloud, providing a transparent and secure platform for bill payment through a multitude of digital solutions.

XPay.Life’s development team consists of 40 engineering teams. When it comes to hiring, they look for candidates who have an acute knowledge of basic concepts and well-polished analytical skills when it comes to AI and data science. The company develops and trains its employees on the latest updates and developments that their platform receives, since XPay.Life’s platform is challenging to work on. They follow a train-the-trainer concept and newly joined employees are trained on new technologies, products and solutions.

Customer Satisfaction & Future Roadmap

With an efficient operations and support team, XPay.Life reaches out to customers for any help they need that is related to business and transactions. Their bots and efficient helpdesk help them improve their customer service.

While all other players in the industry are focused on digitizing the urban sector, XPay.Life believes that rural areas hold untapped sectors with USP of ATP Kiosk, PoS machine and Mobile Van that accept cash as a ‘digital payment mode’ with other digital payment channels.

In the future, XPay.Life is planning to deploy one lakh ATP Kiosks, PoS devices and Mobile Vans within the next three years to drive digital empowerment of rural India.

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