How IBM’s Association With CloudFlare Opened New Frontiers In Cloud Security

IBM’s collaboration with Cloudflare has made its cloud internet services secure.

In 2018, IBM introduced its Cloud Internet Services offering, powered by CloudFlare, an American web infrastructure and website security company for internet security. IBM Cloud Internet Services are a set of edge network services that can be easily accessed through IBM Cloud and designed to secure websites and applications against attack and compromise.

This collaboration with Cloudflare has helped IBM provide a one-stop-shop for security and other performance capabilities to protect public-facing web applications before moving to the cloud.

What does CloudFlare offer?

CloudFlare platform offers a scalable architecture along with a rich set of APIs. It provides solutions that improve site performance and speeds up the loading time via its 175 data centres spread throughout the globe. CloudFlare’s giant network acts as a vast VPN. This means anyone accessing a site powered by CloudFlare will be directed towards the nearest data centre for fast access. The closer the data centre, the quicker the loading speed.

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The content delivery network (CDN) type product protects platforms against SQL injection and identity theft. Its solutions also reduce harmful bot crawls and identify thieves using website layout without any permission and catching malware that enters through file backdoors. Its products can block all suspicious content and keep the website data safe from all malicious viruses and spambots securing consumer data. 

The company is trusted by over 13 million websites that include Fortune 500 companies. 

CloudFlare’s & IBM Cloud Internet Services

IBM and CloudFlare’s association dates back to 2016 when the former’s X-force Exchange business selected CloudFlare for DDoS protection, WAF, and Load Balancing. It was a big move considering that a common strategy then was to use traditional scrubbing centre solutions. The relationship between the two formalised more when CloudFlare learnt that IBM was evaluating various solutions to fill product gaps for their cloud customers who needed solutions for their DDoS, DNS, WAF, and load balancing issues.

“Cloudflare was ultimately selected for our trusted presence around the globe, scalable architecture, rich set of well-documented APIs, competitive and predictable pricing model, and commitment to empowering enterprise customers,” an official CloudFlare blog said.

IBM Cloud internet services(CIS) are known for their easily configurable solutions for problems such as DDoS attacks, Data theft, bot attacks. CIS is secured by CloudFlare’s infrastructure that in turn provides security to hundreds of attached companies and platforms.

CIS is available in two plans, Standard & Enterprise, for small and big businesses. The enterprise platform is a good choice for large companies that want to scale web properties and manage their regulatory compliance. These CloudFlare services are integrated with IBM Cloud, especially the IBM Cloud IT management platform making it secure; it also addresses most of the IT problems that arise while managing a cloud workload.

Another benefit of the collaboration is that users can quickly & easily make fine-grained changes to improve performance and reduce the chance of any security misfortune. The key features of the integration will be DDoS protection, geo-steering, predictable pricing, web optimization, fast and globally managed DNS and CDN, rate limiting, and intelligent routing. 

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