How Is AI Impacting The Digital Marketing Industry


In modern-day marketing, artificial intelligence (AI) plays a prominent role. AI has become an essential part of digital marketing strategies, and it has proven to be a successful tool. Marketers are willing to use AI more and more as this intelligent tool makes life easy for them. 

Adapting is key to running a successful business in the digital world, and the AI wave has hit all the major companies, making them more productive and making customer business relationships easy.

This article will break down a few pointers on the positive impact AI has had on marketers and the Digital Marketing industry.


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Search results have witnessed a significant shift in the digital marketing world, and voice searches have taken marketers by storm. Mobile devices contribute to more than 50% of the search results these days, and all you need to do is tell the device what you are looking for. All the millennials love this feature, and the best part about voice search is its availability in a variety of languages. 

Google’s RankBrain provides accurate search results interpreting the user’s voice with the help of AI. With the advancements in the past few years, the error rate in voice recognition has gone down, and voice search has proven to be faster than typing on a keyboard. Applications like Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortona has made life easy for people to perform searches. If used correctly, voice search can improve your brand recognition immensely.

AI-Powered ChatBots

It’s a brilliant invention, and it provides a personalised user experience by answering open questions with the help of AI. They can assist round the clock and, at the same time, retain that data. Machine learning helps these bots find the correct answers, saving a lot of time on Human resources. 

In today’s fast-paced environment, people hardly have time to wait for anything- they want instant responses. With the help of these chatbots, bounce rates have reduced, and the chances of potential leads have increased. The best example for leads can be Facebook Messenger bots, as these bots are designed to talk to customers directly and can be termed as customer interaction bots. These bots are generally handy for the e-commerce niche.

Email Marketing

AI can make the difference between an average and a successful email campaign. AI can analyse user behaviour and user preference and assist in making personalised email marketing campaigns. AI also helps marketers to optimise their email campaigns, allowing them to maximise their results. Another key aspect of AI is the analysis of billions of reports and recommendations for the best time and day to contact a potential customer. It also helps marketers reach the right audience and increases the chances of more leads or CTA. 

Content Creation

AI is a great time saver when it comes to content creation. Run your long-format content through the AI tool; the application analyses the content and automatically rewrites short-form content. If you have noticed, AI auto completes sentences while you’re drafting emails, which makes lives easier for marketers. Because AI is still not able to create opinion articles, one can easily differentiate the writing of an AI tool and a human with the help of machine learning tools.

Certain articles mention the content was generated by AI tools. Several global media organisations have adopted Bot’s journalism, and India too might adopt bot journalism soon. The best example for a few content automation tools is Wordsmith, Quill and Word AI. Although these tools are expensive, it is a boon for content writers as they can get the writing done in a jiffy. 


The human brain is designed to process images faster than text messages; visually appealing content is key to capturing someone’s attention. This clearly shows the importance of designers in digital marketing; however, creating visuals is time-consuming. AI is the designers’ best friend; it makes a daunting task easy, average design stunning. 

One of the best examples of AI-powered design creating a website is Canva. Canva is an AI automation technology website that helps in visual and video content creation. There are numerous templates available for different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, presentations, and posters. All you need to do is place your content in one of those templates, and your design is ready. The best about the Canva tool is free, and most of the design templates are also free.  

AI in Digital Advertising

There is no doubt that AI can help in return on ad spends; it makes every penny count. The advantage of using AI in advertising is that it discovers potential customers and converts them into leads, saving time and investment on human resources. It can analyse demographics, interest and target the right audience. Platforms like Facebook ads, Google Ads and LinkedIn ads are using AI and machine learning to the desirable results from the customers with their advertisements.  

AI can also predict the changes that are required to improve a particular ad campaign. All these data analysing happens in a quick time, saving a lot on ads. AI also helps in Bidding strategies- for example, with Google Ads automatic auction-based system, advertisers can pay low costs. The AI-powered systems with the help of (NLP) Natural Language Processing can help in creating excellent ad copies better than Human written copies in a fraction of time.

Landing Page Experience

The landing page is key for conversations; people will leave your website if you don’t provide a smooth landing page experience. Indeed, it is a challenge that marketers face, but with the help of AI, you can track visitor’s interest and provide personalised landing page experience. Tools like Unbounce and Personyze can help in understanding user behaviour and help in conversions.

It is evident that using AI in digital marketing has many benefits for marketers and is a big-time resource saver; AI might not replace humans entirely but will continue to coexist and assists humans.

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Pradeep Kumaar
Pradeep Kumaar is the CEO of Neil Patel Digital India and Stan Ventures. He is responsible for leading the overall development and business strategy of the company. Kumaar is known for his successful strategic and tactical leadership in digital marketing and sales. He is an expert in stimulating organic growth and has in-depth experience in driving business growth in different markets. Along with a master’s in business administration, he is also an alumnus of the Indian School of Business. Kumaar has also been recognised as the best young entrepreneur by LT club Salem.

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