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How Is Alteryx Advancing Data & Analytics Potential With Its Game-changing Resources

How Is Alteryx Advancing Data & Analytics Potential With Its Game-changing Resources

How Is Alteryx Advancing Data & Analytics Potential With Its Game-changing Resources

The overnight transformation of companies adopting new technologies and transitioning to a digital work environment amid pandemic has made upskilling the most critical component in a worker’s repertoire in 2021. While information, data and the ability to make the right decisions serve as a stabiliser across verticals, analytics and data science have become indispensable tools to navigate today’s career scene.

According to a recent Forrester study, the top two challenges decision-makers cited are — the lack of employees with data skillsets and the lack of skills among business users who must use data insights. Almost 66% of organisations believe there is a requirement for data literacy among employees, where 59% demand analytic efficiency. However, with a converged approach to analytics through democratising access to data, automating tedious and complex processes, and promoting upskilling of data and knowledge workers, organisations can create a thriving data and analytics culture within.

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Advancing Data & Analytics Potential Together, also known as ADAPT, an innovative new program, developed by Alteryx, provides free access to data science and analytics learning courses for recent graduates and data workers. The courses are designed to help new entrants in data analytics and also those impacted by COVID-19.

The new offering as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility initiative, Alteryx For Good, ADAPT will equip learners with the skills required to enter a desirable field or make strides in the current career path. Alteryx believes any data worker in an organisation can tackle sophisticated analytical tasks if empowered with the right training, technology and tools.

Start Your Analytics Journey With ADAPT

2020 has witnessed a fundamental transformation towards the data economy, which magnified the importance of appropriate talent investments in data science skills. The ADAPT program, offered globally to COVID-hit workers, helps upskill their analytics capabilities free of cost.

Retail workers whose stores were shut down or business professionals who were laid off, or recent graduates are eligible to apply. Once accepted into the program, you will receive access to: an introductory course to the world of data science; the fundamentals in working with data; and data science foundational concepts. 

Libby Duane Adams, co-founder and Chief Advocacy Officer of Alteryx, believes the program will help everyone become a data worker. With ADAPT, you will also have a six-month license of Alteryx Designer, a self-service data analytics platform that simplifies data preparation and assists in automating reporting, predictive analytics, and accelerating visual insights for businesses. Further, ADAPT also provides access to thousands of data science and analytics experts, user groups and more resources within the Alteryx Community with one-on-one Alteryx associate support through the Virtual Solution Center. 

With a challenging and up-to-date curriculum delivered as a 125-hour boot camp for future data workers, ADAPT will offer the course via a combination of interactive lessons, videos, webinars and podcasts. After completing the ADAPT program, students can benefit from their status as citizen data scientists and return to the industry with a stronger resume and skillsets. With a global shortage of data scientists worldwide, these skills are in high demand and will equip the participants to re-enter the workforce.

The program could be completed in a month if dedicated full-time but could last three or more months with an hour or two of study per day. The program’s key modules include data set creation, developing classification models, conducting A/B testing, time series, and data segmentation. 

Once furloughed, re-entering the job market can be a challenging task; furthermore, it has been a struggle for new graduates to make their case for a job amid the pandemic. The ADAPT program is unique in its scale and ambition with its academic rigour and enhanced certification, providing an introduction to the global data science community.

Know more about the ADAPT program here.

Maturing Your Analytics

Alteryx Analytic Process Automation Platform is a widely used data science platform that enables self-service analytics to democratise data. Making the data accessible, automating business processes, and allowing employees to pick up relevant skills to transition to a higher value job makes the company agile and adaptable to the rising challenges — adding to the organisation’s value in the process. Especially during an economic downsizing, it has become more critical than ever that these data programs provide a significant return on investment (ROI). 

For enterprises, quick wins and fast return on investment are critical to staying ahead of the competition. With Analytic Process Automation, businesses will be able to reveal answers to two key questions — what can be done to make more; and what can be done to spend less.

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With its interactive ROI calculator, businesses can assess their ROI potential by merely inputting the analysts’ number and the company’s annual revenue. The ROI calculator provides a personalised report with a full breakdown of ROI potential in every business area and enables businesses to share it with their key stakeholders. One can even leverage the pre-populated fields for the required numbers.

The four areas of ROI with Alteryx APA includes — 

  • Top-line growth
  • Bottom-line growth
  • Efficiency gains
  • Perpetual upskilling

As a matter of fact, Alteryx APA customers highlighted the substantial value they linked to the use of the platform. According to IDC, they specifically cited their ability to increase their staff efficiencies, value, and risk management, along with enabling real-time data reporting and efficiencies through process automation and driving business growth with product differentiation. Some of the additional benefits pointed out by Alteryx APA customers are — reduced reporting burden, repeatability and parameters that drive efficiencies, substantial time savings through automation, and more timely delivery of more complex analysis. 

IDC also looked at the Alteryx APA platform’s impact on model creation, a core activity for business analysts and other data-focused teams. Customers reported much more efficient and robust modelling activities with Alteryx APA. This allows business analyst teams to be responsible for handling, modelling, and delivering data-driven insights efficiently, making them more competent.

Wrapping Up

Considering more firms are reaping the benefits of effectively embedding data-driven decision making, the importance of data democratisation and building a culture of analytics has become paramount. The ADAPT program by Alteryx is committed to expanding data literacy globally for companies to witness a continued success with the highest ROI.

Know more about the ADAPT program here

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