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How Is Analyttica Driving Experiential Analytics & Data Science Upskilling Through Its Innovation In The EdTech Space

How Is Analyttica Driving Experiential Analytics & Data Science Upskilling Through Its Innovation In The EdTech Space

  • Analyttica TreasureHunt® LEAPS focuses on applied data science and bridges the gap of applied contextual learning and upskilling in the field of analytics and data science.
How Is Analyttica Driving Experiential Analytics & Data science Upskilling Through Its Innovation In The EdTech Space

Analytics, data science, machine learning, and AI will shape the future with industry 4.0. While the availability of data, storage capacity, and compute power, sets a level playing ground for players competing for the same space, the right skills to apply analytics and data science will be an important factor leading to competitive advantage. 

The gap, due to the lack of experienced talent with the right skills to apply and collaborate in a business contextual manner, with the ability to institutionalise themselves remains a critical challenge for the data science industry. Enterprises are struggling to hire, onboard and train the talent with practical skills to apply analytics and data science in various business scenarios. 

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Analyttica TreasureHunt® LEAPS (hereafter referred to as LEAPS), an innovative experiential edtech platform, developed by Analyttica Datalab, focuses on applied data science and bridges the gap due to the lack of applied contextual learning and upskilling in the field of analytics and data science.

Driven by a unique, and cohesive “Learn-Apply-Solve” framework, this innovative solution provides contextual application-oriented, immersive and interactive learning experience with extensive real-industry courses, cases, datasets and projects. It also ensures a blended pathway between industry and academia through simulation and contextualisation.

It offers students, professionals in adjacent streams (such as IT/ITES), analytics professionals and organisations with continuous needs of upskilling talents, industry-relevant courses and virtual lab, covering structured hands-on learning for industry readiness. 

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LEAPS is patented in the USA (Patent # 9,886,867) for invention in education/learning pertaining to analytics and data science applications. 

Key-value propositions for learners

LEAPS proposes an upskilling framework with a subscription model that encompasses “Learn by Doing”, “Apply by Experimenting”, and “Solve like a Pro”. With the LEAPS framework, existing data scientists, aspirants and industry practitioners can come together and expand their horizons.

LEAPS offers three guidance career tracks with non-overlapping courses for Data Analyst, Business Analyst and Data Scientist to advance their skills needed in analytics and data science. It includes contextual data science courses designed by industry experts coming from diverse industry domains.

The highlight of ATH LEAPS is its virtual lab — powered by a data science platform, that comes with preloaded datasets for data scientists to practice and refine their technical skills. The best part is that the learners can gain on-the-job problem-solving experience on real-world datasets and hands-on application on real-world business cases. One can even create their own projects, upload their own data, to practice the applications of concepts covered in the courses. It also allows learners to solve real business challenges by participating in contextual hackathons and develop their solutioning skills by building creative and robust data solutions.

Validated and certified by NASSCOM FutureSkills, the courses are designed with 150+ data cases spanning across industry verticals. Key topics covered in the courses include fundamentals of data analytics, machine learning — linear and logistic regression, data visualisation, data extraction, classification, clustering, among others. ATH LEAPS has a flexible framework that allows learners to access the coding console to practice R and Python programming.

Some of the key features of LEAPS are — 

  • Contextualised innovative experiential learning
  • Structured hands-on learning for industry readiness
  • Ability to upload one’s own data and create projects
  • Ability to convert real projects to simulations/institutionalising all knowledge
  • Innovative, personalised and gamified UX/UI

Who should subscribe to LEAPS?

The platform can be leveraged by students and beginners, with no programming background, willing to grasp the fundamentals of analytics and professional data scientists looking to refine their skills. However, the candidate must have quantitative backgrounds like mathematics, statistics, engineering, finance etc. for jump-starting this data analytics journey.

The courses prepare learners for job roles like data analysts, business analysts, and data scientists across various industry verticals and functional areas. Upon completing some of the courses, candidates get a joint certificate of participation from NASSCOM.

Analyttica has even partnered with to highlight the LEAPS certificate to relevant recruiting companies, which can be extremely beneficial for learners willing to make a career in this field. As part of the LEAPS subscription, the learners will also get assisted for other career services offered by

Wrapping Up

The algorithm-driven assessment engine evaluates the learners based on their performance in the applied course. LEAPS considers learners’ understanding of the covered concepts, their application on the contextual data cases and their attempt at the quizzes. To increase the chances of getting a certificate, learners must attempt all data cases and quizzes, post completing the concepts. 

The platform is highly regarded in the industry and has highly positive reviews. The platform has already crossed 150 thousand B2C user base in six months after launch and is projected to cross one million by August 2021. It has also achieved excellent traction with university and enterprise learners with a 52% completion rate compared to 18% of the industry benchmark. 

While data science and analytics are becoming the most demanding professions of the decade, with LEAPS, learners and data science practitioners can equip themselves with contextual application skills and be ready to create an impact across industry verticals and functional areas.

Know more about Analyttica TreasureHunt® (ATH) LEAPS click here.

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