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How plugin Can Give Attendees The Same Experience Like In-Person Conference

How plugin Can Give Attendees The Same Experience Like In-Person Conference

Analytics India Magazine has recently launched their first initiative of an online data science conference — plugin — to be held on 28-29th May 2020, in order to bring in expert data scientists and industry leaders on a single platform. Although this two-day event has been designed online with respect to the mandated lockdown all over the world, it has covered all aspects of our in-person event, starting from — live Q&As to the ability to network with other attendees. The plugin will include three parallel tracks of best of the industry AI professionals sharing their knowledge on cutting-edge technologies, which is expected to have more than 1000+ attendees from over 200+ organisations.

Not only this virtual event — plugin — would provide opportunities for attendees to access live streaming of the session remotely but also provides a platform for guests as well as speakers to network virtually. Although the concept of the virtual conference is relatively novel for the industry, we will share six ways plugin can provide its attendees with the same experience as an in-person conference.


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Tech Talks & Workshops 

The plugin is a one-of-a-kind online conference, which includes three parallel tracks across two days with 70+ speakers sharing their leadership talks, keynotes and workshops arranged by best professionals of the industry. These virtual tech talks and workshops, similar to in-person events, will provide deep insights on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics, and their usage in the current business scenarios. Alongside these tech talks and workshops, it will provide an opportunity for attendees to get hands-on experience on complex topics and the understanding of business use cases.

Live Q&A 

plugin, similar to in-person events, provides access to attendees to have live questions and answers sessions with speakers as well as guests after their talks. Attendees can also live stream the entire session remotely along with on-demand videos of the sessions once it ends, and that’s the benefit comes with attending virtual conferences. Similar to live events, plugin also provides easy ways to interact with other attendees and panellists with the help of the chatrooms. These chatrooms in plugin can also be used to create impromptu meetings with speakers and panellists, where four people can be a part of a meeting.

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Hackathons & Contests

This two-day virtual conference — plugin, having characteristics of an in-person conference, also organises machine learning hackathons and contests, which will help attendees to showcase their exceptional skills. Similar to Analytics India Magazine’s hackathon platform MachineHack, plugin will also provide opportunities for attendees to solve some of the toughest business problems with their ML and data science skills. This virtual conference will allow attendees to choose a winner-base engagement that will later be showcased on the app and will be rewarded for maximum participation.

Networking With Peers

Similar to in-person events, the plugin also provides ample opportunities for attendees as well as guests to have proper networking with their peers and other company leaders during the conference. plugin is expected to host approximately 1000 attendees of data science enthusiasts and professionals, along with machine learning developers, and business leaders. The ability to network with them in a one-on-one setting can be hugely beneficial for attendees. Attendees can also view and download speakers’ profiles and presentations beforehand to get a better understanding. The chatrooms at plugin can be used to set-up meetings at available time slots of the speakers, and can also be used to chat with other attendees of the event.

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Hands-On Experience

plugin also arranges workshops and live demonstrations by industry experts who will be sharing their knowledge on emerging technologies and provides a hand-on experience on latest machine learning techniques and tools. These demonstrations, although virtually, will be led by the best of the industry brains, which will, in turn, provide opportunities to understand these tools and technologies from a real-world business perspective. These hands-on experiences will be similar to in-person events where leaders and technology experts hold sessions to explain different technologies, tools and their use cases.

Involvement Of Reputed Personnel Of The Industry

Although this concept of the virtual conference has been relatively new for the industry, plugin has managed to involve some of the great names from the industry to give keynotes and tech talks at the event. Some of the big names involved in this year’s plugin are — Viral Shah, the inventor of Julia programming language; father of data warehouse, Bill Inmon; and business leaders like Anish Agarwal from RBS and Gregory P. Steffine from KeyBank. Therefore, similar to an in-person event, virtual conferences like plugin also provides an opportunity for attendees to learn from some of the biggest names of the industry.

Time: From 10:00 AM (IST) on 28th May 2020 to 11:00 PM (IST) on 29th May 2020

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