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How Singapore-Based Startup Jumper.AI Is Using NLP To Enhance Customer Experience

How Singapore-Based Startup Jumper.AI Is Using NLP To Enhance Customer Experience

In the present scenario, almost every organisation regardless of its size, is reaping the benefits of conversational AI. Tier I organisations are now open-sourcing platforms for conversational AI in order to make further enhancements of the product as well as keep up with the evolving technology. Despite the fact that conversational AI is at a very nascent stage, it will soon become an integral part of every organisation around the globe. 

Singapore-based startup created an intelligent platform that leads to commerce with a hybrid of Human and AI co-existing whilst guiding each other to make sales faster and more efficient.  

Nyha Shree, Co-Founder of

Analytics India Magazine caught up with Nyha Shree, co-founder of to gain insights on how the startup is helping the online sellers of all sizes with such a powerful platform to sell their products in an innovative, frictionless way on social media, messaging apps and the web. The startup was launched about a year and a half ago as an open-source tool with very limited functionality to understand the market shift. Merchant understanding is one of the forefront thoughts of the company and currently, the startup has over 15,000 merchants on the platform along with 30+ enterprises.

Flagship Product

Jumper.AI’s flagship product is their self-serve conversational commerce platform which offers all the necessary tools that require to engage and sell at scale within chat applications. The conversational commerce platform is built to assist and scale across the customer journey right from the ability to give personal recommendations via live sales advisors, to automation to respond to common customer comments and texts, to order and payment processing in chat to winning back customers.

Tech Stack

The startup is leveraging on the cloud services offered by Google. Programming languages like Python, HTML5, and JavaScript are used with both relational and non-relational databases which keep synching real-time in order to keep things protection ready.

Using AI & ML

According to Shree, the AI-assisted platform helps merchants answer straightforward queries and perform routine tasks so that they can focus on delivering better products and services. Basic information like contact details and prices get collected when a merchant uses the conversational platform. 

With the help of natural processing language (NLP) technologies, the platform uses this information to craft automated responses when the merchant receives related queries. The NLP techniques used in the platform are developed by the tech team of the startup. Currently, the engineering team consists of 10 employees.

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Talent Crunch

The source of hiring talent is done mostly by references and currently, the startup is in the process of raising the growth. Shree said, “Always aiming for hiring the brightest minds, we primarily focus on talent that is as hungry as us to grow, both personally and professionally.” 

How Is It Different

Unlike other tools, the focus of this startup is e-commerce and social messaging. While most e-commerce platforms offer services for building and hosting websites, offers it multi-channel across all social, messaging and the web. On the chatbots and automation side,  the startup brings in the capabilities of dynamic templates and automated responses based on product SKU’s, Shipping, Taxes, etc. , in chat payments through UPI, PayTM, PayU, RazorPay, Stripe and PayPal, automated inventory and order management.


According to Shree, the potential competitors for Jumper.AI are Shopify, chatbot builders like Chatfuel and Live Chat tools. The company’s core roadmap leads to building the user’s request and satisfying the user is a closely-knit team which also mans customer support facility.

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